Other Words for Killer

Killer Noun Synonyms
murderer, assassin, slayer, cutthroat, butcher, exterminator, Bluebeard, (Jack the) ripper, torpedo, hit man, triggerman, gunsel, hooligan, gunfighter, iceman, hatchet man
What are the statistics on the number of killers who are not caught? .

Killer App

Business / Internet Marketing / Killer App: A term that migrated from software development to online. It is nothing more than tech-talk for the eternal search for next big idea. MORE

Killer Bees

Business / Finance / Killer Bees: Those who aid a company in fending off a takeover bid, usually investment bankers who devise strategies to make the target less attractive or more difficult to acquire. MORE

Penalty Killer

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Penalty Killer: A player expert at backchecking and keeping or gaining control of a loose puck under difficult circumstances who is trained to break up a power play when his team is shorthanded. MORE


Science / Weather / Palouser: A strong, dangerous, katabatic wind that descends from the mountains into the Palouse River valley in northern Idaho and eastern Washington. May be called a Cow-Killer. MORE

Food Chain

Science / Biology / Food Chain: The simplest representation of energy fiow in a community. At the base is energy stored in plants, which are eaten by small organisms, which in turn are eaten by progressively larger organisms; the fo MORE


Entertainment / Basketball / Gilmore: To cause an opponent to fall on his ass and break his tailbone. Example: I unleashed my killer crossover and Gilmored his ass, now he has to sit on a cushion ring for 6 weeks. MORE