Other Words for Killing

Killing Noun Synonyms
devastating, ruinous, destructive, punishing, exhausting, debilitating, fatiguing, tiring, enervating, difficult, arduous
How can you keep up the killing pace of having two jobs.

murder, carnage, butchery, execution, slaughter, bloodshed, death, massacre, genocide, liquidation, mass murder or destruction, decimation, extermination, blood bath, manslaughter, slaying, homicide, fatality
The killing of dissidents must stop. There has been another killing in the park.

coup, bonanza, success, windfall, stroke of luck, gain, profit, bomb
They've made a killing on the Stock Exchange.

More Words for Killing

Slaughter / Profit / Murder / Bomb / Gain

Twin Killing

Entertainment / Baseball / Twin Killing: A double play. MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Fragging: Killing another character in a first-person shooter game. Derived from U.S. military slang. Gamers gain points for fragging opponents but may lose points for fragging teammates or themselves (by, say, MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Fatality: In one-on-one fighting games, the typically gruesome act of killing your opponent after defeating him. Popularized by Mortal Kombat (1992). MORE

Kill stealing

Entertainment / Video Games / Kill stealing: A dishonorable practice in which a player steals the awards that another player has received for killing an enemy. MORE


Business / Finance / Kiting: Used in of banking to refer to the practice of depositing and drawing checks at two or more banks and taking advantage of the time it takes for the second bank to collect funds from the first bank. Al MORE

Growing Season

Business / Agriculture / Growing Season: The time period, usually measured in days, between the last freeze in the spring and the first frost in the fall. Growing seasons vary depending on local climate and geography. It can also vary by cro MORE