Other Words for Loom Large

Loom Large Verb Synonyms: dominate, predominate, play a big or an important role or part

Other Words for Loop

Loop Verb Synonyms: hoop, noose, ring, circle, bow, eye, eyelet, coil, whorl, bend

Other Words for Loophole

Loophole Noun Synonyms: outlet, way out, means of escape, escape, subterfuge, pretext, evasion, quibble, dodge

Other Words for Loose

Loose Adjective Synonyms: unconfining, free-flowing, flowing, baggy, slack, hanging
Loose Verb Synonyms: unattached, unconnected, disconnected, detached, free, unsecured, unfastened, movable
Loose Noun Synonyms: unconfined, untied, unfettered, released, freed, unshackled, unchained, free, at liberty, at large, on the loose, untrammelled
Loose Adverb Synonyms: let go, (set) free, release, let or set or turn loose, liberate, deliver

Other Words for Loose Track Of

Loose Track Of Adjective Synonyms: lose, misplace, mislay, lose sight of, forget

Other Words for Loosen

Loosen Verb Synonyms: loose, undo, unfasten, unhook, unbutton, unlace, untie, unbind, unbuckle, unscrew

Other Words for Loot

Loot Verb Synonyms: booty, spoils, plunder, prize, haul, swag, boodle

Other Words for Lop Off

Lop Off Noun Synonyms: chop off, trim, top, head, crop, prune, dock, clip, trim, snip off, shear off, cut off, pare, shorten, hack off, amputate

Other Words for Lopsided

Lopsided Verb Synonyms: uneven, askew, one-sided, awry, unsymmetrical, asymmetrical, unequal, crooked, unbalanced, irregular, cock-eyed

Other Words for Lord

Lord Adjective Synonyms: master, monarch, ruler, sovereign
Lord Noun Synonyms: God, the Almighty, God Almighty, the Creator, the Supreme Being, Christ, Jesus, Jehovah

Other Words for Lore

Lore Noun Synonyms: folklore, beliefs, culture, tradition(s), mythology, myths, mythos, ethos, teaching(s), doctrine, wisdom

Other Words for Lose

Lose Verb Synonyms: give up, yield, capitulate, admit defeat, succumb, bow to, be defeated or conquered, suffer defeat, be beaten or overcome or worsted or bested, lose out
Lose Noun Synonyms: mislay, misplace, displace, part with, suffer the loss of, be deprived of

Other Words for Loser

Loser Verb Synonyms: also-ran, misfit, failure, fiasco, non-starter, flop, dud, washout, bummer, lead balloon, lemon, born loser, damp squib, no-hoper, clinker, nebbish, schlemiel or schlemihl or shlemiel, schlimazel or shlimazel or shlimazl

Other Words for Loss

Loss Noun Synonyms: diminution, erosion, reduction, impoverishment, depletion, shrinkage
Loss Verb Synonyms: deprivation, bereavement, privation, denial, sacrifice, forfeiture, disappearance

Other Words for Losses

Losses Noun Synonyms: debit(s), liability (liabilities), negative cash flow

Other Words for Lost

Lost Noun Synonyms: gone, departed, vanished, strayed, missing, mislaid, misplaced, irrecoverable
Lost Adjective Synonyms: confused, baffled, perplexed, puzzled, mystified, bewildered, confounded, adrift, helpless, disoriented, at sea, astray

Other Words for Lot

Lot Adjective Synonyms: collection, batch, consignment, assortment, group, portion, set, quantity, grouping, apportionment
Lot Noun Synonyms: lottery, drawing, raffle, drawing lots or straws

Other Words for Lotion

Lotion Noun Synonyms: cream, liniment, balm, salve, ointment, embrocation, unguent, pomade

Other Words for Lottery

Lottery Noun Synonyms: raffle, sweepstake, drawing, pool, tombola

Other Words for Loud

Loud Noun Synonyms: deafening, ear-splitting, booming, blaring, stentorian, thundering, thunderous, sonorous, noisy, clamorous, piercing, fortissimo

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