Other Words for Lounge

Lounge Noun Synonyms: cocktail lounge, (lounge or saloon) bar
Lounge Adjective Synonyms: idle, loaf, laze, loll, languish, vegetate
Lounge Verb Synonyms: lobby, foyer, waiting-room, reception (room), vestibule

Other Words for Lour

Lour Noun Synonyms: lower, darken, threaten, menace, loom

Other Words for Lousy

Lousy Verb Synonyms: awful, terrible, mean, contemptible, low, base, hateful, detestable, despicable, vile, wretched, miserable, scurvy, dirty, vicious, rotten
Lousy Adjective Synonyms: pedicular, pediculous, lice-infested, lice-ridden, louse-infested, louse-ridden

Other Words for Lousy With

Lousy With Adjective Synonyms: alive with, overloaded with, swarming with, teeming with, crawling with, knee-deep in

Other Words for Lovable

Lovable Adjective Synonyms: loveable, adorable, darling, dear, cherished, likeable, attractive, engaging, cute, fetching, taking, alluring, endearing, appealing, winsome, sweet, tender, cuddly, affectionate, charming, enchanting

Other Words for Love

Love Adjective Synonyms: warmth, affection, attachment, fondness, tenderness, devotion, attraction, friendship, amity, regard, admiration, fancy, adoration, adulation, ardor, passion, fervor, rapture, infatuation
Love Noun Synonyms: darling, beloved, sweetheart, sweetie, sweet, honey, dear one, dearest, angel, turtle-dove, true-love, light of one's life, lover, paramour, mate, intended, betrothed, girlfriend, inamorata, lady-love, young lady, fiance, boyfriend, beau, inamorato, suito

Other Words for Love Affair

Love Affair Noun Synonyms: amour, liaison, affair, romance, relationship, affaire de coeur, intrigue

Other Words for Love Letter

Love Letter Verb Synonyms: billet-doux, mash note

Other Words for Lovely

Lovely Noun Synonyms: satisfying, satisfactory, agreeable, enjoyable, gratifying, nice, pleasing, pleasant, pleasurable, engaging, delightful
Lovely Verb Synonyms: good-looking, pretty, handsome, attractive, comely, fair, fetching, engaging, captivating, alluring, enticing, bewitching, ravishing, gorgeous, beautiful, beauteous, pulchritudinous

Other Words for Low

Low Adjective Synonyms: short, squat, little, small, stubby, stumpy, stunted, low-lying

Other Words for Low-Down

Low-Down Adjective Synonyms: information, intelligence, data, the facts, inside story, info, dope, dirt, bumf

Other Words for Lower

Lower Noun Synonyms: let or move or bring or put down, drop
Lower Verb Synonyms: drop, reduce, decrease, mark down, discount, lessen, diminish, downgrade, cut, slash

Other Words for Lower Case

Lower Case Adjective Synonyms: small, minuscule

Other Words for Loyal

Loyal Adjective Synonyms: faithful, true, dependable, devoted, trustworthy, trusty, steady, steadfast, staunch, trusted, reliable, stable, unswerving, unwavering, dedicated, constant, patriotic

Other Words for Loyalty

Loyalty Adjective Synonyms: faithfulness, fidelity, dependability, devotedness, devotion, allegiance, patriotism, trustworthiness, steadfastness, staunchness, firmness, resolution, resolve, reliability, stability, dedication, constancy

Other Words for Luck

Luck Adjective Synonyms: fortune, chance, destiny, fate, accident, fortuity, serendipity, fluke, stroke of luck, happenstance
Luck Noun Synonyms: good fortune, (good) break

Other Words for Lucky

Lucky Noun Synonyms: fortunate, blessed, favoured, charmed

Other Words for Ludicrous

Ludicrous Adjective Synonyms: ridiculous, laughable, absurd, farcical, nonsensical, preposterous, incongruous, asinine, foolish, silly, zany, crazy, comical, risible, funny, facetious, droll, waggish, jocular, witty, jocose

Other Words for Lug

Lug Adjective Synonyms: drag, tug, tow, haul, heave, carry, tote, transport

Other Words for Luggage

Luggage Adjective Synonyms: baggage, bags, gear, impedimenta, paraphernalia, things, belongings

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