Other Words for Lame

Lame Verb Synonyms: crippled, disabled, handicapped, hobbled, limping, incapacitated, impaired, halting, halt, spavined, gimpy

Other Words for Lament

Lament Adjective Synonyms: mourn, bemoan, bewail, wail, weep (over), grieve (for or over), keen (over), sorrow (for or over)

Other Words for Lamentable

Lamentable Verb Synonyms: deplorable, wretched, miserable, terrible, distressing, awful, regrettable, pitiful, despicable, intolerable, unfortunate

Other Words for Lamentation

Lamentation Noun Synonyms: mourning, grieving, moaning, weeping, wailing, crying, sobbing, lamenting

Other Words for Lampoon

Lampoon Adjective Synonyms: burlesque, caricature, satire, parody, pasquinade or pasquil, squib, take-off, send-up
Lampoon Noun Synonyms: burlesque, caricature, satirize, parody, pasquinade or pasquil, mock, ridicule, squib, skewer, take off, put or run down, send up

Other Words for Lance

Lance Verb Synonyms: pierce, stab, puncture, prick, incise, open, slit
Lance Noun Synonyms: spear, pike, javelin, assegai, lancet

Other Words for Land

Land Noun Synonyms: earth, (solid) ground, terra firma
Land Verb Synonyms: dirt, earth, soil, turf, sod, loam, mould

Other Words for Landing

Landing Noun Synonyms: landing-place, dock, pier, jetty, wharf, quay
Landing Verb Synonyms: touchdown, alighting, splashdown, docking

Other Words for Landlady

Landlady Noun Synonyms: proprietor or proprietress, lady of the house, mistress, manager or manageress, hostess

Other Words for Landlord

Landlord Noun Synonyms: host, publican, proprietor, innkeeper, hotelier, manager, restaurateur, Boniface

Other Words for Landmark

Landmark Noun Synonyms: feature, guide, guidepost, identification

Other Words for Landscape

Landscape Noun Synonyms: prospect, view, scene, aspect, vista, countryside

Other Words for Language

Language Noun Synonyms: jargon, lingua franca, vocabulary, terminology, vernacular, lingo
Language Attributive Synonyms: speech, tongue, idiom, parlance, dialect, idiolect, patois, jargon, cant, argot, vernacular, lingo

Other Words for Lanky

Lanky Noun Synonyms: thin, loose-jointed, lank, lean, gaunt, gangling, rangy, long-legged

Other Words for Lap

Lap Noun Synonyms: overlap, fold, enfold, envelop, wrap
Lap Verb Synonyms: circuit, orbit, ambit, circle, tour, trip, revolution
Lap Adjective Synonyms: wash, splash, ripple, plash, purl

Other Words for Lap Up

Lap Up Noun Synonyms: lick up, tongue, sip, drink
Lap Up Verb Synonyms: consume, drink, eat

Other Words for Lapse

Lapse Noun Synonyms: slip, error, mistake, fault, failing, oversight, blunder, shortcoming, omission, lapsus, slip-up, fluff, goof
Lapse Verb Synonyms: gap, break, interval, intermission, interruption, pause, lacuna, hiatus, Prosody caesura, hold-up

Other Words for Large

Large Adjective Synonyms: big, huge, ample, enormous, gigantic, immense, colossal, monumental, massive, mammoth, Brobdingnagian, gargantuan, elephantine, monstrous, staggering, sizeable, substantial, wide, broad, capacious, extensive, jumbo, humongous, ginormous
Large Verb Synonyms: big, great, broad, stout, heavy, thickset, chunky, stocky, heavy-set, brawny, husky, sturdy, hefty, muscular, strapping, burly, solid, weighty, corpulent, fat, obese, rotund, portly, adipose, beamy, overweight

Other Words for Largely

Largely Adverb Synonyms: chiefly, mainly, as a rule, by and large, generally, in general, to a great extent, mostly, in great part, in great measure, in the main, on the whole, pretty much, essentially, at bottom, basically, fundamentally

Other Words for Largesse

Largesse Noun Synonyms: largess, gifts, alms, grants, bonuses, endowments, presents, contributions, donations, hand-outs, support, subvention, aid, subsidy, charity, philanthropy, generosity, munificence, bounty, liberality, open-handedness

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