Other Words for Lavatory

Lavatory Verb Synonyms: water-closet, WC, toilet, bathroom, the Gents, the Ladies('), Men's (Room), rest room, privy, military or institutional latrine, head, (public) convenience, equipment, outhouse, (little) boys' or girls' room

Other Words for Lavish

Lavish Noun Plural Synonyms: profuse, abundant, liberal, copious, plentiful, prolific, opulent
Lavish Noun Synonyms: generous, liberal, open-handed, unstinting, bountiful, unsparing, unselfish, effusive, free
Lavish Adjective Synonyms: extravagant, wasteful, exaggerated, prodigal, improvident, excessive, unreasonable, immoderate, profligate, uncurbed, unrestrained, intemperate

Other Words for Law

Law Noun Synonyms: principle, proposition, theory, theorem, formula, axiom, deduction, corollary, postulate, conclusion, inference
Law Verb Synonyms: rule, regulation, ordinance, statute, act, enactment, by-law, measure, edict, decree, order, directive, injunction, command, commandment, canon, mandate, ukase

Other Words for Lawful

Lawful Noun Synonyms: legal, licit, legitimate, de jure, constitutional, just, rightful, valid, proper

Other Words for Lawless

Lawless Adjective Synonyms: anarchic(al), anarchistic, chaotic, unruly, unregulated

Other Words for Lawn

Lawn Adjective Synonyms: sward, greensward, turf, sod, green

Other Words for Lawyer

Lawyer Adjective Synonyms: counsel, advocate, member of the bar, legal practitioner, solicitor, barrister, Queen's or King's counsel, bencher, attorney(-at-law), counselor(-at-law), mouthpiece

Other Words for Lax

Lax Noun Synonyms: loose, slack, casual, slipshod, easygoing, careless, negligent, permissive, weak, indulgent, flexible, relaxed

Other Words for Lay

Lay Adjective Synonyms: place, put (down), set (down), position, deposit, spread
Lay Verb Synonyms: stake, bet, wager, gamble, hazard, risk

Other Words for Lay Bare

Lay Bare Verb Synonyms: expose, reveal, uncover, disclose, divulge, bring to light, show, unveil, lift the veil from

Other Words for Lay Down

Lay Down Verb Synonyms: establish, build, construct

Other Words for Lay Hold Of

Lay Hold Of Verb Synonyms: seize, grab, snatch, nab, catch or get hold of, get

Other Words for Lay Into

Lay Into Verb Synonyms: attack, assault, set about, assail, lambaste, belabour

Other Words for Lay It On

Lay It On Verb Synonyms: exaggerate, overstate, embroider

Other Words for Lay Off

Lay Off Verb Synonyms: suspend, dismiss, discharge, fire, let go, cashier, drum out of the corps, (give the) sack, (give the) axe, kick out, (give the) boot, boot out, give (someone) his or her walking papers

Other Words for Lay On

Lay On Verb Synonyms: provide, cater (for), supply

Other Words for Lay Out

Lay Out Verb Synonyms: design, plan, outline, sketch, arrange, set up

Other Words for Lay Up

Lay Up Verb Synonyms: lay in, amass, accumulate, save (up), hoard, preserve, store, keep, put away, put by

Other Words for Lay Waste

Lay Waste Noun Synonyms: devastate, destroy, demolish, despoil, ruin, wreck, ravage, pillage, sack, plunder, loot, rob, strip, spoil, gut, ransack, wreak havoc (up)on, crush, raze, annihilate, eradicate, extirpate, wipe out

Other Words for Lazy

Lazy Adjective Synonyms: indolent, slothful, dilatory, idle, shiftless, inactive, listless, fain‚ant, otiose, slack, lax, lethargic
Lazy Noun Synonyms: slow, languid, easy, easygoing, sluggish, slow-moving, languorous

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