Other Words for Lead

Lead Verb Synonyms: come or be or go first, excel, surpass, exceed, precede, be ahead (of), outstrip, distance, outrun, outdo
Lead Noun Synonyms: direction, guidance, leadership, precedent, example, model, exemplar, pattern, standard
Lead Adjective Synonyms: conduct, escort,her, guide, show the way, pilot, steer

Other Words for Lead Astray

Lead Astray Verb Synonyms: lead on, mislead, misguide, misdirect, deceive, fool, decoy, hoodwink, bamboozle

Other Words for Lead Off

Lead Off Verb Synonyms: start (off or in or out or up), begin, commence, get going or moving, get under way, initiate, inaugurate, kick off

Other Words for Lead Up To

Lead Up To Verb Synonyms: prepare or pave or clear (the way), do the groundwork or spadework, precede

Other Words for Leaden

Leaden Noun Synonyms: heavy, onerous, ponderous, dense, burdensome
Leaden Adjective Synonyms: heavy, dull, numbing, oppressive

Other Words for Leader

Leader Adjective Synonyms: chief, head, commander, ruler, superior, director, chairman, chairwoman, chairlady, chairperson, chieftain, captain, commandant, principal, boss, bossman, kingpin, big cheese, number one, numero uno, gaffer, Mr. Big

Other Words for Leadership

Leadership Noun Synonyms: direction, guidance, management, directorship, administration, supervision, command, regulation, control, operation, influence, initiative, governorship, superintendence, running

Other Words for Leading

Leading Noun Synonyms: important, influential, chief, prime, cardinal, foremost, paramount, primary

Other Words for Leaflet

Leaflet Adjective Synonyms: folder, circular, brochure, handbill, bill, booklet, advertisement, throw-away, flier or flyer, advert

Other Words for Leafy

Leafy Adjective Synonyms: green, verdant, bosky, woody, shady, shaded, arborescent

Other Words for League

League Noun Synonyms: confederation, association, alliance, combination, coalition, federation, confederacy, guild, society, fraternity, union, band, fellowship, club

Other Words for Leak

Leak Verb Synonyms: hole, fissure, crack, chink, crevice, aperture, opening, puncture, cut, break, split, gash, rent, tear, gap, flaw
Leak Noun Synonyms: leakage, leaking, discharge, trickle, escape, seepage, seeping, oozing, exudation

Other Words for Leak Out

Leak Out Verb Synonyms: transpire, become known, come out, be revealed

Other Words for Lean

Lean Noun Synonyms: incline, slant, tilt, bend, tip
Lean Verb Synonyms: thin, slim, slender, rangy, spare, wiry, lanky, lank, skinny, angular, bony, raw-boned, gaunt, gangling, gangly, spare, meager, skeletal, scraggy, scrawny, haggard, emaciated, pinched, wasted, shrunken, macilent
Lean Adjective Synonyms: impoverished, destitute, needy, poverty-stricken, penurious, indigent, necessitous, hard, bad, difficult

Other Words for Lean Off

Lean Off Verb Synonyms: stop, cease, desist, forbear, give up, refrain from, discontinue, abstain, renounce

Other Words for Lean On

Lean On Noun Synonyms: rely on, depend on, count on, believe or trust in, pin one's hopes or faith on or upon

Other Words for Lean Out

Lean Out Verb Synonyms: omit, disregard, ignore, neglect, count out, reject, exclude, eliminate, bar, except

Other Words for Leaning

Leaning Noun Synonyms: bent, inclination, bias, prejudice, favouritism, partiality, predilection, liking, taste, preference, penchant, sympathy, tendency, tendentiousness

Other Words for Leap

Leap Noun Synonyms: spring, bound, jump, vault (into), hurdle, clear, hop over, skip over, negotiate

Other Words for Leap At

Leap At Noun Synonyms: jump at, accept, be eager for, move quickly, take

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