Other Words for Learn

Learn Noun Synonyms: be taught, be instructed in, master, become proficient (in), acquire knowledge (of)
Learn Verb Synonyms: understand, see the light, get the picture, catch on, get the idea, get it, twig

Other Words for Learn Of

Learn Of Noun Synonyms: find out, discover, hear (of), chance or hit upon, understand, gather, have revealed to one, determine, ascertain, uncover

Other Words for Learned

Learned Verb Synonyms: (well-)informed, erudite, knowledgeable, au fait, cultured, intellectual, highbrow, (well-)educated, scholarly, academic, scholastic, lettered, experienced, skilled, practiced, accomplished, expert, literate, well-read, (well-)versed, (well-)trained

Other Words for Learner

Learner Verb Synonyms: student, pupil, scholar, trainee, apprentice, novice, tiro or tyro, abecedarian, beginner, initiate, neophyte

Other Words for Learning

Learning Adjective Synonyms: knowledge, erudition, culture, scholarship, lore, information, wisdom

Other Words for Lease

Lease Noun Synonyms: rental agreement or contract, sublease, sublet

Other Words for Leave

Leave Noun Synonyms: go (away or off), depart, set off, be off, get away or off, retire, retreat, withdraw, decamp, (make an) exit, run, be gone, bid (someone or something) goodbye, say goodbye or adieu (to), take (one's) leave (of), quit, desert, pull out, check out, fly
Leave Verb Synonyms: go or run off, deviate from

Other Words for Leave In The Lurch

Leave In The Lurch Noun Synonyms: desert, abandon, forsake, drop, jilt

Other Words for Lecherous

Lecherous Noun Synonyms: lewd, lascivious, salacious, libidinous, sensual, lubricious or lubricous, lustful, concupiscent, licentious, prurient, dirty-minded, filthy-minded, carnal, goatish, hircine, randy, libertine, wanton, profligate, depraved, degenerate, decadent, dissolute

Other Words for Lecture

Lecture Noun Synonyms: speech, address, talk, discourse, disquisition, treatise, dissertation, paper, lesson, instruction, sermon, declamation, harangue, diatribe, philippic, screed
Lecture Adjective Synonyms: reproof, reprimand, rebuke, criticism, censure, reproach, scolding, upbraiding, chiding, berating, tongue-lashing, remonstration, dressing-down, telling-off, wigging, chewing-out

Other Words for Ledge

Ledge Verb Synonyms: shelf, projection, step, mantel or mantle, mantelpiece or mantlepiece, overhang, sill

Other Words for Leer

Leer Noun Synonyms: ogle, the eye, once-over, glad eye
Leer Verb Synonyms: ogle, eye

Other Words for Leery

Leery Verb Synonyms: suspicious, sceptical, dubious, doubtful, doubting, distrustful, wary, cautious, chary, careful

Other Words for Leeway

Leeway Noun Synonyms: space, elbow-room, room, play, scope, slack, latitude, wide berth, freedom

Other Words for Left

Left Adjective Synonyms: left-hand, sinistral, port, (formerly) larboard, Heraldry sinister
Left Noun Synonyms: leftist, left-wing, progressive, liberal, socialist(ic), pink, radical, communist(ic), red

Other Words for Left-Handed

Left-Handed Noun Synonyms: insulting, disparaging, derisive, uncomplimentary, insulting, paradoxical, ambiguous, questionable, dubious, doubtful
Left-Handed Adjective Synonyms: clumsy, awkward, gauche, fumbling, maladroit, cack-handed

Other Words for Leftover

Leftover Adjective Synonyms: remaining, residual, extra, excess, unused, uneaten

Other Words for Leftovers

Leftovers Adjective Synonyms: remainder(s), remnant(s), rest, residue, residuum, balance, surplus, excess, superfluity, overage, scrap(s), leavings, crumbs, odds and ends, debris or d‚bris, refuse, waste, rubbish, rubble

Other Words for Leg

Leg Adjective Synonyms: support, brace, prop, upright, standard, column, pillar
Leg Noun Synonyms: limb, member, pin, peg, stump, gam

Other Words for Leg It

Leg It Noun Synonyms: run, hurry, hasten, scurry, scoot, skedaddle, hoof it

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