Other Words for Let Off

Let Off Verb Synonyms: pardon, forgive, excuse, release, discharge, let go

Other Words for Let On

Let On Verb Synonyms: confess, admit, disclose, divulge, reveal, expose, let it be known, let out, say, tell, give away, let slip, betray, leak

Other Words for Let Out

Let Out Verb Synonyms: rent (out), hire (out), lease (out), charter (out), contract (out), subcontract (out), farm (out), job (out)

Other Words for Let Slip

Let Slip Verb Synonyms: reveal, divulge, blurt out, leak, let out, disclose, expose, come out with, blab

Other Words for Let Up On

Let Up On Verb Synonyms: ease up on, slack off on

Other Words for Let-Down

Let-Down Verb Synonyms: disappointment, disillusionment, disenchantment

Other Words for Let-Up

Let-Up Verb Synonyms: cease, stop, stopping, ceasing, cessation, surcease, break, interruption, pause, intermission, suspension, time out or off, moderation, lessening, abatement, diminution, relief, hesitation, respite, relaxation

Other Words for Lethal

Lethal Noun Synonyms: deadly, fatal, mortal

Other Words for Lethargic

Lethargic Noun Synonyms: lethargical, sluggish, slow, dull, heavy, lazy, indolent, phlegmatic, slothful, idle, languid, languorous, listless, fain‚ant, inactive, torpid, stuporous, comatose, indifferent, apathetic
Lethargic Adjective Synonyms: weary, tired, fagged out, fatigued, enervated, weak, exhausted, drowsy, sleepy, somnolent

Other Words for Lethargy

Lethargy Adjective Synonyms: sluggishness, sloth, dullness, heaviness, laziness, indolence, phlegm, idleness, languidness, languor, listlessness, dolce far niente, inactivity, inertia, torpor, stupor, indifference, apathy

Other Words for Lets Slide

Lets Slide Verb Synonyms: forget, ignore, neglect, gloss or pass over, pay no heed or mind (to)

Other Words for Letter

Letter Noun Synonyms: character, symbol, sign

Other Words for Lettered

Lettered Noun Synonyms: literate, literary, (well-)educated, erudite, scholarly, learned, well-informed, enlightened, knowledgeable, (well-)versed, well-read, cultured, cultivated

Other Words for Letters

Letters Noun Synonyms: literature, the humanities, belles-lettres, the classics, erudition, culture, the world of letters, learning, scholarship

Other Words for Level

Level Adjective Synonyms: even, smooth, plane, uniform, plain, flat, flush, straight, true
Level Verb Synonyms: aim, point, draw a bead, direct, train, focus
Level Noun Synonyms: horizontal, prone, supine

Other Words for Level With

Level With Verb Synonyms: be or play fair with, be honest or straight with, be open or frank or straightforward with, be upfront with

Other Words for Level-Headed

Level-Headed Noun Synonyms: (well-)balanced, sensible, sane, reasonable, commonsensical, level, unruffled, undisturbed, unperturbed, imperturbable, even-tempered, composed, calm, cool, collected, tranquil, serene, unflappable, poised, relaxed, self-possessed

Other Words for Levity

Levity Noun Synonyms: light-heartedness, lightness, frivolity, frivolousness, flippancy, trivialization, triviality, facetiousness

Other Words for Lewd

Lewd Adjective Synonyms: lascivious, salacious, lecherous, lustful, licentious, carnal, goatish, hircine, satyric(al), ruttish, concupiscent, libidinous, lubricious or lubricous, indecent, offensive, wild, debauched, obscene, smutty, crude, dirty, foul, filthy, rude, pornographic

Other Words for Liability

Liability Adjective Synonyms: disadvantage, drawback, hindrance, impediment, encumbrance, snag, hitch, barrier, obstacle, obstruction, burden, onus
Liability Noun Synonyms: answerability, responsibility, burden, onus, accountability

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