Other Words for Liable

Liable Noun Synonyms: likely, apt, prone, inclined, disposed
Liable Adjective Synonyms: exposed, susceptible, vulnerable, open, subject

Other Words for Liaison

Liaison Adjective Synonyms: connection, communication, contact, linkage, affiliation, relationship, relations
Liaison Noun Synonyms: (love) affair, amour, relationship, affaire d'amour, affaire de coeur, intrigue, romance, entanglement, flirtation

Other Words for Liar

Liar Noun Synonyms: fabricator, prevaricator, perjurer, falsifier, teller of tales, false witness, Ananias, fibber

Other Words for Libel

Libel Noun Synonyms: defamation, vilification, denigration, denunciation, deprecation, depreciation, belittlement, disparagement, derogation, disgrace, ill repute, dishonour, obloquy, shame, humiliation, mortification

Other Words for Liberal

Liberal Adjective Synonyms: free, not literal, flexible, lenient, loose, broad, open, disinterested, impartial, dispassionate, fair, broad-minded, open-minded, unprejudiced, unbigoted, unjaundiced, unopinionated, tolerant
Liberal Verb Synonyms: generous, bountiful, free, open-hearted, open, open-handed, bounteous, charitable, philanthropic, munificent, magnanimous, big, big-hearted, unstinting, unselfish, unsparing, lavish, abundant, ample, large, handsome, plentiful, copious

Other Words for Liberalize

Liberalize Noun Synonyms: loosen, ease, slacken, relax, modify, change, moderate, soften
Liberalize Adjective Synonyms: broaden, widen, extend, expand, stretch, enlarge

Other Words for Liberate

Liberate Verb Synonyms: (set) free, release, set at liberty, disenthral, emancipate, manumit, deliver, enfranchise, (let) loose, let go, let out, let off

Other Words for Liberation

Liberation Verb Synonyms: freeing, liberating, deliverance, emancipation, enfranchisement, enfranchising, delivery, rescue, rescuing, release, releasing, loosing, unfettering, unshackling, unchaining

Other Words for Libertine

Libertine Noun Synonyms: licentious, lecherous, reprobate, profligate, rakish, rakehell, philandering, dissolute, immoral, degenerate, depraved, debauched, decadent, dirty, filthy, amoral, wanton, lewd, lascivious, prurient, lubricious or lubricous, salacious, Paphian, libidinous
Libertine Verb Synonyms: lecher, reprobate, profligate, rake, rakehell, roue, debaucher, womanizer, seducer, fornicator, adulterer, debauchee, whoremonger, philanderer, Don Juan, Lothario, Casanova, wolf, lady-killer, (old) goat, dirty old man

Other Words for Liberty

Liberty Adjective Synonyms: right, freedom, franchise, carte blanche, privilege, prerogative, license, leave, permission, authorization
Liberty Noun Synonyms: freedom, independence, self-determination, autonomy, self-rule, self-government, self-direction, sovereignty

Other Words for License

License Noun Synonyms: leave, permission, liberty, authorization, authority, entitlement, dispensation, right, carte blanche, freedom, latitude, free choice, privilege, charter

Other Words for Lie

Lie Noun Synonyms: rest, repose, can be found, be, be situated
Lie Verb Synonyms: prevaricate, fabricate, misrepresent, invent, commit perjury, perjure or forswear oneself, fib

Other Words for Lie Low

Lie Low Verb Synonyms: hide, remain concealed or in hiding, keep out of sight, lie doggo

Other Words for Lie Of The Land

Lie Of The Land Verb Synonyms: state, status, condition, situation, atmosphere, mood, spirit, temper, character

Other Words for Life

Life Verb Synonyms: existence, entity, being, sentience, viability
Life Noun Synonyms: existence, living, way of life, lifestyle

Other Words for Lifeless

Lifeless Noun Synonyms: dead
Lifeless Adjective Synonyms: dull, boring, tiresome, heavy, lacklustre, torpid, tedious, flat, stale, uninteresting, colourless, uninspiring, vapid, wooden

Other Words for Lifelike

Lifelike Adjective Synonyms: authentic, realistic, natural, true to life, real, faithful, graphic, vivid

Other Words for Lift

Lift Verb Synonyms: discontinue, end, terminate, stop
Lift Adjective Synonyms: raise, elevate, hoist, heave (up)
Lift Noun Synonyms: encouragement, boost, stimulus, inducement, inspiration, reassurance, cheering up, shot in the arm

Other Words for Lift A Finger

Lift A Finger Noun Synonyms: make an attempt or effort, offer, make a move, contribute, do one's part, do anything or something

Other Words for Lift Up

Lift Up Adjective Synonyms: exalt, raise, elevate, uplift, boost, upgrade, promote, advance, improve, ameliorate, better, dignify, enhance, ennoble, enshrine, deify, immortalize

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