Other Words for Label

Label Adjective Synonyms
identification, identifier, ID, mark, marker, earmark, tag, ticket, sticker, stamp, imprint, hallmark, brand, docket
The label shows the weight, composition, price of the contents. A proper shipping label should show both source and destination.

Label Noun Synonyms
name, denomination, designation, appellation, nickname, epithet, sobriquet, classification, characterization, description
It is difficult to give a label to the kind of novels she writes.

identify (as), mark, tag, earmark, ticket, stamp, hallmark, imprint, brand, docket
In those days, every liberal was labeled a communist. Prepared food packages must be labeled with their ingredients.

trade mark, trade name, brand, logo, mark
Many supermarket chains market products under their own label.

name, denominate, designate, call, term, dub, classify, categorize, pigeon-hole, class, characterize, describe, portray, identify, peg
We cannot label Voltaire either spiritualist or materialist.

More Words for Label

Stamp / Brand / Mark / Class / Name / Peg / Call / Tag

Nutrition Labeling And Education Act Of 1991 (NLEA)

Business / Agriculture / Nutrition Labeling And Education Act Of 1991 (NLEA): P.L. 101-535 (November 8, 1990) mandated for the first time that most foods regulated by the Food and Drug Administration must be sold with nutrition labeling. The Act changed the list of nutrients th MORE

Country-Of-Origin Labeling

Business / Agriculture / Country-Of-Origin Labeling: Under Section 304 of the Tariff Act of 1930, as amended, most products entering the United States must be clearly marked so that the 'ultimate purchaser' can identify the country of origin. Imported m MORE

Private-Label Pass-Throughs

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Wine Label

Life Style / Wine / Wine Label: The descriptive sticker or signage adhered to the side of a wine bottle. MORE


Life Style / Wine / ABV: Abbreviation of alcohol by volume, generally listed on a wine label. MORE


Life Style / Wine / AC: Abbreviation for "Agricultural Cooperative" on Greek wine labels and for Adega Cooperativa on Portuguese labels. MORE