Other Words for Labor

Labor Adjective Synonyms
employees, workers, wage-earners, labourers
A meeting between labour and management is scheduled for today.

toil, (hard) work, travail, exertion, effort, laboriousness, strain, drudgery, pains, industry, slavery, donkey-work, sweat, grind, elbow-grease, swot
They know the labour involved in building a road.

Labor Noun Synonyms
travail, childbirth, parturition, labour pains, contractions, delivery
She went into labour at midnight, the twins were born just after four.

effort, task, job, chore, undertaking
Raising funds for the museum was a labour of love.

dwell on, overdo, overemphasize, harp on, overstress, strain, belabour
I heard you the first time, so don't labour the point.

work, toil, travail, drudge, strain, strive, struggle, slave, sweat, grind, peg away (at), swot
We laboured hard to get where we are today.

More Words for Labor

Work / Slave / Sweat

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