Other Words for Labor Under

Labor Under Verb Synonyms
be burdened or troubled or distressed by, be deluded or deceived by, be disadvantaged by, suffer, endure
He is labouring under a misapprehension. She labours under the impression that she will not be affected by a lack of education.


Business / Construction / Underlayment: A ΒΌ' material placed over the subfloor plywood sheeting and under finish coverings, such as vinyl flooring, to provide a smooth, even surface. Also a secondary roofing layer that is waterproof or wat MORE


Business / Finance / Underlying: The mirror image of the asset substitution problem, in that stockholders refuse to invest in low-risk assets to avoid shifting wealth from themselves to debtholders. MORE

Underinvestment Problem

Business / Finance / Underinvestment Problem: A pension plan that has a negative surplus (i.e., liabilities exceed assets). MORE

Underhand Service

Entertainment / Tennis / Underhand Service: A service whereby a player serving delivers the ball with his or her racquet below shoulder level. In intermediate level tennis this is considered unusual but an acceptable ploy. In upper-intermediate MORE

Underground Storage Tanks (USTS)

Business / Real Estate / Underground Storage Tanks (USTS): USTs are commonly used for storing petroleum products, chemicals or process wastes. Sites which use USTs include airports, gas stations, industrial locations and military bases. Over time neglected ta MORE

Underhand Lay-Up Shot

Entertainment / Basketball / Underhand Lay-Up Shot: A lay-up shot with the shooting hand in front and under the ball. MORE