Other Words for Laborious

Laborious Adjective Synonyms
laboured, strained, forced, ponderous, overworked
The book contains some of the most laborious prose ever written.

industrious, hard-working, dogged, determined, unwavering, obstinate, stubborn, unflagging, obdurate
He made a laborious effort to get ahead.

Laborious Verb Synonyms
arduous, burdensome, onerous, strenuous, grueling, back-breaking, Herculean, exhausting, taxing, tiring, fatiguing, wearying, wearisome, toilsome, difficult, tough, hard, uphill, stiff
Few realize how laborious farm work can be.

painstaking, detailed, careful, thorough, diligent, scrupulous, exhaustive, steady, steadfast, relentless, unrelenting, dogged, assiduous, sedulous, persevering, persistent, untiring, tireless, indefatigable, unremitting
After laborious research the virus was finally identified.

More Words for Laborious

Determined / Hard / Thorough / Stiff / Tough