Other Words for Land

Land Noun Synonyms
property, grounds, real property or realty or and also real estate, acreage, estate
How much land goes with the house.

earth, (solid) ground, terra firma
After weeks in an open boat, Captain Bligh was relieved to have land under his feet again.

arrive, alight, light, touch or come or go down, splash down, settle on or upon, come to rest, berth, dock, disembark, debark, go ashore, deplane, dismount
The plane was forced to land on the water. We land at dawn.

catch, capture, take captive, bag
He was unable to land the shark unaided.

Land Verb Synonyms
get, secure, obtain, win, acquire
He finally landed a job with his father-in-law. Sadie finally landed a millionaire.

dirt, earth, soil, turf, sod, loam, mould
Trumble tilled the land as his ancestors had done for generations.

More Words for Land

Earth / Get / Light / Property / Bag / Catch / Estate

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