Other Words for Late

Late Adjective Synonyms
recently, lately, previously, formerly, once, heretofore, in recent or former time(s), of late, latterly
They are dining tonight with Sir Keith, late of Scotland Yard.

till or at an advanced hour or time
I was up late last night. She married late.

recent, last, new, fresh, current, up to date
Have you got a copy of a late edition of today's newspaper.

Late Adverb Synonyms
tardily, unpunctually, belatedly
We arrived too late for the first act.

recently, lately
As late as a week ago they were still holding the job open for her.

fashionable, current, modern, up to the minute, in
She drives the latest model.

most recent or up-to-date or modern development or news or example
What's the latest? Have you seen the latest in scuba gear.

Late Noun Synonyms
tardy, delayed, overdue, behindhand, dilatory, unpunctual, belated, past due
He was even late for his own wedding. Better late than never. Your mortgage payment is late again.

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