Other Words for Menacing

Menacing Noun Synonyms: threatening, looming, impending, ominous, frightening, terrifying, intimidating, minacious, minatory or minatorial, louring or lowering, dangerous, perilous, hazardous, risky, chancy

Other Words for Mend

Mend Noun Synonyms: repair, fix, patch (up), rectify, correct, remedy, restore, rehabilitate, heal
Mend Adjective Synonyms: repair, patch

Other Words for Menial

Menial Noun Synonyms: lowly, servile, humble, subservient, base, low, mean, slavish, demeaning, degrading, ignoble, routine, unskilled
Menial Adjective Synonyms: lackey, flunkey, serf, slave, underling, minion, fag, dogsbody, skivvy, gofer

Other Words for Mental

Mental Noun Synonyms: intellectual, cognitive, cerebral, perceptual, rational, conceptual, theoretical, noetic, abstract

Other Words for Mentality

Mentality Adjective Synonyms: intelligence, brain, capacity, intellect, wit, sense, judgment, acuity, acumen, I.Q., rationality, understanding

Other Words for Mention

Mention Noun Synonyms: speak or write about, refer to, allude to, touch on or upon, make mention (of), bring up or in, introduce, broach, call or direct attention to, note, name, cite, acknowledge, point out, indicate, make known, adduce, report, quote
Mention Verb Synonyms: reference, allusion, note, naming, citation, mentioning, cite

Other Words for Mercantile

Mercantile Noun Synonyms: commercial, business, trade, marketing, market

Other Words for Mercenary

Mercenary Adjective Synonyms: venal, bribable, corrupt, bought, on the take
Mercenary Noun Synonyms: money-oriented, grasping, greedy, acquisitive, covetous, predatory, avaricious, venal, money-grubbing

Other Words for Merchandise

Merchandise Noun Synonyms: trade, deal in, traffic in, market, distribute, retail, (buy and) sell, promote, advertise
Merchandise Adjective Synonyms: goods, commodities, products, stock, staples, produce

Other Words for Merchant

Merchant Verb Synonyms: pedlar, hawker, (travelling) salesman, (sales) representative, commercial traveler, huckster, door-to-door salesman, drummer, (sales) rep
Merchant Noun Synonyms: dealer, retailer, seller, shopkeeper, store owner, trader, tradesman or tradeswoman, vendor

Other Words for Merciful

Merciful Noun Synonyms: compassionate, sympathetic, forgiving, kind, kindly, clement, kind-hearted, forbearing, sparing, lenient, tender, humane, liberal, mild, tender-hearted, soft-hearted, gracious, generous, magnanimous, benignant, beneficent, charitable, thoughtful, consider

Other Words for Merciless

Merciless Noun Synonyms: cruel, pitiless, ruthless, heartless, unmerciful, inhumane, inhuman, brutal, savage, barbarous, barbaric, barbarian, crude, rude, rough, harsh, tough, callous, hard, hard-hearted, illiberal, tyrannical, stony-hearted, cold, severe, unsparing, insensitive

Other Words for Mercy

Mercy Adjective Synonyms: compassion, pity, forbearance, quarter, tolerance, sympathy, favor, forgiveness, kindness, kindliness, leniency, tenderness, humanity, humaneness, liberality, kind-heartedness, tender-heartedness, soft-heartedness, graciousness, generosity, magnanimity

Other Words for Mere

Mere Adjective Synonyms: bare, basic, scant, stark, sheer, absolute, unmixed, only, just, nothing but, pure (and simple), unmitigated, undiluted

Other Words for Merely

Merely Adjective Synonyms: only, no more than, barely, scarcely, simply, solely, entirely
Merely Noun Synonyms: only, simply, basically, purely, essentially, fundamentally, at bottom

Other Words for Merge

Merge Adverb Synonyms: combine, coalesce, unite, join, amalgamate, consolidate, pool, blend, mix, mingle, commingle, fuse

Other Words for Merger

Merger Adverb Synonyms: combination, coalescence, union, merging, amalgamation, consolidation, coalition, pooling, blending, mixing, mingling, commingling, fusing, fusion

Other Words for Merit

Merit Verb Synonyms: worth, worthiness, value, excellence, quality, virtue, good, goodness
Merit Noun Synonyms: earn, deserve, warrant, rate, have a right or claim to, be entitled to, be qualified for, be worthy of

Other Words for Meritorious

Meritorious Noun Synonyms: honourable, laudable, praiseworthy, commendable, creditable, admirable, estimable, excellent, exemplary, outstanding

Other Words for Merits

Merits Noun Synonyms: assets, strong point, advantage, rights and wrongs

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