Other Words for Midday

Midday Noun Synonyms: noon, noontime, twelve (o'clock) noon, high noon

Other Words for Middle

Middle Adjective Synonyms: midriff, waist, mid-section, stomach
Middle Noun Synonyms: central, centre, halfway, mid, midway, mean, medial, mesial

Other Words for Midst

Midst Noun Synonyms: middle, centre, mid-point, halfway point

Other Words for Midwife

Midwife Noun Synonyms: accoucheur or accoucheuse

Other Words for Might

Might Noun Synonyms: strength, power, energy, force, muscle, potency, puissance

Other Words for Mighty

Mighty Adjective Synonyms: big, large, huge, grand, great, enormous, gigantic, tremendous, towering, monumental, prodigious, massive, bulky
Mighty Noun Synonyms: powerful, strong, potent, influential, dominant, predominant, ascendant, weighty, doughty, authoritarian, autocratic, indomitable

Other Words for Migrant

Migrant Adjective Synonyms: wanderer, rover, drifter, gypsy, nomad, itinerant, transient, migrator, wayfarer, bird of passage, peregrinator, traveler, vagrant, wetback
Migrant Adverb Synonyms: transient, migratory, itinerant, peripatetic, drifting, nomadic, travelling, gypsy, floating, vagrant

Other Words for Migrate

Migrate Adjective Synonyms: wander, roam, voyage, rove, drift, range
Migrate Noun Synonyms: go, move, travel, settle, resettle, relocate, move house, emigrate, immigrate, expatriate

Other Words for Mild

Mild Verb Synonyms: placid, peaceful, calm, tranquil, bland, mellow, inoffensive, gentle, serene, good-natured, affable, amiable, kind, kindly, equable, easygoing, temperate, non-violent, conciliatory, indulgent, merciful, forgiving, compassionate, lenient, forbearing, peace
Mild Adjective Synonyms: bland, soothing, lenitive, mollifying, demulcent, emollient, gentle, calming, softening

Other Words for Milieu

Milieu Adjective Synonyms: environment, climate, surroundings, environs, background, ambience or ambiance, sphere, setting, atmosphere, medium, element, precincts

Other Words for Militant

Militant Adjective Synonyms: aggressive, combative, pugnacious, belligerent, hostile, contentious, antagonistic, offensive, truculent, fierce, ferocious, warlike, bellicose, martial, jingoistic, hawkish
Militant Noun Synonyms: warring, fighting, combatant, combating, embattled, at war, up in arms

Other Words for Military

Military Adjective Synonyms: martial, soldierly, naval, army, fighting, service
Military Noun Synonyms: (armed) services or forces, army, navy, air force, military establishment, soldiery

Other Words for Militate Against

Militate Against Adjective Synonyms: discourage, work or go or operate against, foil, counter, countervail, cancel (out), reduce (possibility of), prevent, hinder, resist, oppose

Other Words for Militate For

Militate For Noun Synonyms: be on the side of, favor, further, promote, help, aid

Other Words for Milk

Milk Verb Synonyms: drain, bleed, extract, tap, exploit, wring, draw off or out, withdraw

Other Words for Milksop

Milksop Verb Synonyms: sissy or also cissy, coward, weakling, namby-pamby, mollycoddle, cry-baby, nancy (boy), dastard, poltroon, caitiff, (little) Lord Fauntleroy, poltroon, caitiff, milquetoast, chinless wonder, mother's or mummy's boy, mama's boy

Other Words for Mill

Mill Verb Synonyms: grinder, quern, crusher, roller
Mill Noun Synonyms: plant, factory, works, workshop, shop, foundry

Other Words for Mill About

Mill About Noun Synonyms: meander, wander, walk, stroll, amble, move about or around, crowd, throng, swarm

Other Words for Mimic

Mimic Verb Synonyms: imitate, ape, copy, simulate, mirror, echo

Other Words for Mincing

Mincing Noun Synonyms: effeminate, dainty, delicate, niminy-piminy, foppish, dandyish, over-dainty, affected, put-on, pretentious, precious, twee, la-di-da or lah-di-dah or la-de-da

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