Other Words for Mind

Mind Adjective Synonyms: intelligence, intellect, wit, wits, mentality, brain, brains, brainpower, sense, sagacity, wisdom, perception, percipience, reason, astuteness, insight, shrewdness, sapience, grey matter
Mind Noun Synonyms: aptitude, head, perception, capacity, brain
Mind Verb Synonyms: watch, be careful of, take care with, be cautious of

Other Words for Minder

Minder Verb Synonyms: child-minder, babysitter, sitter, nanny, nurse, governess

Other Words for Mindful

Mindful Noun Synonyms: aware, alert, attentive to, alive, conscious, heedful, conscientious, watchful, vigilant, on the qui vive, on the lookout, circumspect, cautious

Other Words for Mindless

Mindless Adjective Synonyms: inattentive, unthinking, thoughtless, unaware
Mindless Noun Synonyms: stupid, asinine, thick, thickheaded, obtuse, idiotic, imbecilic, moronic, thoughtless, witless, senseless, brainless, feeble-minded, fatuous, addle-brained, addle-pated, feather-brained, gormless

Other Words for Mine

Mine Adjective Synonyms: pit, excavation, lode, vein, colliery, coalfield
Mine Noun Synonyms: excavate, dig, quarry, extract, scoop out or up, remove, unearth, derive, extract, draw

Other Words for Mingle

Mingle Verb Synonyms: mix, blend, intermingle, commingle, intermix, combine, amalgamate, merge, compound, marry, join, unite

Other Words for Miniature

Miniature Verb Synonyms: small, small-scale, little, tiny, diminutive, minute, wee, minuscule, mini, microscopic, micro, midget, dwarf, bantam, baby, pygmy,pocket, Lilliputian, vest-pocket, minimal

Other Words for Minimal

Minimal Verb Synonyms: least, smallest, minutest, littlest, tiniest, slightest, minimum, nominal, token

Other Words for Minimize

Minimize Adjective Synonyms: reduce, shrink, lessen, diminish, prune, abbreviate, pare (down), cut (down), curtail, abridge, shorten, decrease, minify

Other Words for Minimum

Minimum Verb Synonyms: least, lowest, nadir

Other Words for Minister

Minister Adjective Synonyms: envoy, delegate, legate, diplomat, ambassador, emissary, plenipotentiary, minister plenipotentiary, envoy extraordinary, minister resident, consul, agent, charg‚ d'affaires, cabinet officer or member
Minister Noun Synonyms: cleric, clergyman, clergywoman, ecclesiastic, pastor, vicar, priest, father, reverend, churchman, divine, parson, preacher, man or woman of the cloth, evangelist, missionary, dean, curate, cur‚, abb‚, chaplain, padre, military sky pilot

Other Words for Ministry

Ministry Noun Synonyms: priesthood, sacred calling, the church, the pulpit, the cloth, religion, holy orders
Ministry Verb Synonyms: clergy, clergymen or clergywomen, clericals, the cloth, church elders or elders of the church

Other Words for Minor

Minor Adjective Synonyms: child, youngster, youth, stripling, teenager, adolescent, schoolboy, schoolgirl, boy, girl, lad, laddie, lass, lassie, ward, infant
Minor Noun Synonyms: lesser, smaller, secondary, subordinate, subsidiary

Other Words for Minstrel

Minstrel Adjective Synonyms: bard, troubadour, balladeer, jongleur, skald or scald, minnesinger, Meistersinger

Other Words for Mint

Mint Noun Synonyms: (small) fortune, lot, king's ransom, millions, billions, bundle, pile, heap, wad(s), packet, pot(s), loads, ton, bomb, (big) bucks

Other Words for Minute

Minute Noun Synonyms: instant, second, split second, flash, moment, before you can say 'Jack Robinson', blink or wink or twinkling of an eye, coup d'oeil, trice, one sec, two secs, bat of an eye, shake, jiffy, tick, half a mo, two shakes of a lamb's tail
Minute Verb Synonyms: unimportant, petty, insignificant, least, slight, mere, meager, trifling, trivial, minor, small, little, piddling, picayune

Other Words for Minutes

Minutes Verb Synonyms: log, record, journal, transcript, notes, summary, , proceedings, transactions, memorandum

Other Words for Miraculous

Miraculous Adjective Synonyms: marvelous, wonderful, wondrous, incredible, unbelievable, inexplicable, unexplainable, extraordinary, spectacular, amazing, astounding, astonishing, mind-boggling, remarkable, phenomenal, fantastic, fabulous, magical, supernatural, preternatural, superhum

Other Words for Mire

Mire Noun Synonyms: enmire, bog down, become entangled or tangled, become enmeshed or meshed, become involved
Mire Adjective Synonyms: swamp, bog, fen, marsh, quagmire, morass, slough, sump

Other Words for Mirror

Mirror Noun Synonyms: reflect, reproduce, represent, depict, repeat, echo, send back
Mirror Verb Synonyms: looking-glass, glass, speculum, reflector

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