Other Words for Miserable

Miserable Adjective Synonyms: inadequate, unworthy, poor, deplorable, contemptible, bad, despicable, sorry, pitiful, pathetic, lamentable, rotten, lousy
Miserable Verb Synonyms: wretched, unhappy, depressed, woeful, woebegone, sad, dejected, forlorn, disconsolate, despondent, heartbroken, sorrowful, broken-hearted, mournful, desolate, desperate, despairing, downhearted, melancholy, glum, low-spirited, gloomy, dismal, lachrymose
Miserable Noun Synonyms: unpleasant, inclement, inconvenient, untoward, bad, unfavorable, awful, terrible, adverse, rotten, lousy

Other Words for Miserly

Miserly Adjective Synonyms: stingy, penurious, niggardly, penny-pinching, parsimonious, mean, cheap, cheese-paring, tight, tight-fisted, close, close-fisted, mercenary, avaricious, greedy, covetous, money-grubbing, mingy, chintzy

Other Words for Misery

Misery Adjective Synonyms: unhappiness, distress, discomfort, wretchedness, woe, sadness, melancholy, sorrow, dolour, heartache, grief, anguish, anxiety, angst, depression, despair, desperation, desolation, despondency, gloom
Misery Noun Synonyms: hardship, suffering, calamity, disaster, curse, misfortune, ordeal, woe, trouble, catastrophe, trial, tribulation, adversity, burden, affliction

Other Words for Misfire

Misfire Noun Synonyms: fail, abort, miscarry, go wrong, fizzle (out), fall through, flop, come a cropper, go phut, go pfft or phft

Other Words for Misfit

Misfit Verb Synonyms: oner, eccentric, individual, nonconformist, maverick, square peg in a round hole

Other Words for Misfortune

Misfortune Noun Synonyms: bad luck, ill luck, ill fortune, hard luck, infelicity, adversity, loss

Other Words for Misgiving

Misgiving Noun Synonyms: apprehension, mistrust, worry, concern, anxiety, qualm, scruple, disquiet, hesitation, doubt, question, uncertainty, suspicion, unease, uneasiness, discomfort, dread, premonition, foreboding, funny feeling

Other Words for Misguided

Misguided Noun Synonyms: misled, wrong, misdirected, foolish, unreasonable, erroneous, mistaken, misplaced, imprudent, unwise, impolitic, ill-advised, fallacious, uncalled-for, labouring under a misapprehension, wide of the mark, off (the mark), barking up the wrong tree

Other Words for Mishandle

Mishandle Noun Synonyms: abuse, mistreat, maltreat, ill-treat, beat (up), brutalize, maul, molest, injure, hurt, harm, handle or treat roughly, manhandle, knock about or around
Mishandle Adjective Synonyms: mismanage, bungle, botch, misconduct, mangle, mess up, muddle, wreck, ruin, destroy, muff, make a mess or hash of, screw up, bugger up up

Other Words for Mishmash

Mishmash Verb Synonyms: mess, medley, hash, gallimaufry, farrago, pot-pourri, jumble, pastiche, mixture, salmagundi, hotchpotch or and hodgepodge, tangle, omnium gatherum, m‚lange, olio, olla podrida, goulash, stew

Other Words for Misinform

Misinform Verb Synonyms: misguide, mislead, misadvise, misdirect, delude, deceive, dupe, defraud, fool, gull, lead astray, throw someone off the scent, con, slip or put something over on someone, pull a fast one on, give (someone) a bum steer, throw someone a curve

Other Words for Misinformation

Misinformation Noun Synonyms: disinformation, misintelligence, red herring, false trail, false scent

Other Words for Misinterpret

Misinterpret Verb Synonyms: misunderstand, mistake, misconstrue, misconceive, misread, misjudge, misapprehend, screw up, bugger up

Other Words for Mislay

Mislay Noun Synonyms: misplace, lose, mislocate, misfile

Other Words for Mislead

Mislead Verb Synonyms: misinform, lead astray, misguide, misdirect, throw off the scent or track, pull the wool over someone's eyes, fool, outwit, bluff, hoodwink, trick, humbug, bamboozle, deceive, dupe, gull, cozen, con, take in, lead up the garden path, flimflam

Other Words for Mismatched

Mismatched Verb Synonyms: mismated, ill-matched, ill-mated, incompatible, unfit, inappropriate, unsuited, unsuitable, incongruous, misallied, disparate, uncongenial, inconsistent, inharmonious, discordant

Other Words for Misprint

Misprint Verb Synonyms: error, mistake, erratum, typographical error, printer's or printing error, literal, typo

Other Words for Misrepresent

Misrepresent Adjective Synonyms: distort, twist, pervert, garble, misstate, mangle, falsify, belie, disguise, color

Other Words for Miss

Miss Noun Synonyms: skip, forgo, absent oneself from, be absent from, fail to keep, avoid, evade, escape, dodge, pass up
Miss Verb Synonyms: long for, yearn for, pine for, feel nostalgia for, be nostalgic for or about, want, need, wish for

Other Words for Miss Out On

Miss Out On Verb Synonyms: pass up, omit, leave out, slip up (on), overlook, let slip (by), let pass, pass over, disregard, ignore

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