Other Words for Misshapen

Misshapen Noun Synonyms: distorted, twisted, contorted, crooked, deformed, crippled, malformed, grotesque, awry, warped, gnarled, ill-proportioned, ill-made, monstrous, acromegalic

Other Words for Missile

Missile Noun Synonyms: projectile, brickbat, guided missile, ballistic missile

Other Words for Mission

Mission Noun Synonyms: calling, occupation, vocation, trade, line (of work), profession, m‚tier
Mission Adjective Synonyms: task, duty, function, purpose, job, office, work, assignment, errand, charge, business, commission, undertaking, pursuit, activity, aim, objective

Other Words for Missionary

Missionary Noun Synonyms: evangelist, preacher, minister, proselytizer

Other Words for Missive

Missive Noun Synonyms: letter, communication, message, dispatch, note, line, postcard, card, epistle

Other Words for Misspent

Misspent Noun Synonyms: wasted, squandered, idle, dissipated, thrown away, profitless, prodigal

Other Words for Misstatement

Misstatement Adjective Synonyms: solecism, error, mistake, gaffe, faux pas, slip of the tongue, lapsus linguae, blunder, howler, bloomer, blooper
Misstatement Noun Synonyms: falsification, misreport, misquotation, miscitation, distortion, misrepresentation, misconstruction, misinterpretation, perversion, lie, falsehood, untruth, fabrication

Other Words for Misstep

Misstep Noun Synonyms: false step, blunder, mistake, error, bad or wrong or false move, trip, stumble, slip

Other Words for Mist

Mist Noun Synonyms: fog, haze, smog, (low-hanging) cloud, vapour, drizzle, mizzle

Other Words for Mistake

Mistake Verb Synonyms: indiscretion, misstep, false step, wrong move
Mistake Noun Synonyms: misconception, misapprehension, error, fault, miscalculation, misjudgement, blunder, botch, fumble, bad move, misstep, slip, erratum, gaffe, faux pas, boo-boo, clanger, muff, howler, boob, bloomer, blooper, goof, goof-up, flub

Other Words for Mistake For

Mistake For Noun Synonyms: mix up with, misidentify as, confuse with, take for

Other Words for Mistaken

Mistaken Verb Synonyms: (all or completely) wrong, amiss, incorrect, in error, wide of the mark, in the wrong, inaccurate, out of order, barking up the wrong tree, off, (way) off the beam, on the wrong track, full of hot air, full of it

Other Words for Mistreat

Mistreat Adjective Synonyms: abuse, maltreat, ill-use, ill-treat, misuse, damage, manhandle, harm, hurt, injure, molest, maul, rough up, brutalize

Other Words for Mistreatment

Mistreatment Adjective Synonyms: abuse, maltreatment, ill use, ill-treatment, brutalization, misuse, manhandling, molestation, mauling, roughing-up, rough handling, battery, assault

Other Words for Mistress

Mistress Noun Synonyms: schoolmistress, instructress, governess, headmistress
Mistress Verb Synonyms: lover, girlfriend, live-in lover, kept woman, concubine, inamorata, paramour, odalisque, doxy, alternative other, POSSLQ (= 'Person of the Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters')

Other Words for Mistrust

Mistrust Noun Synonyms: suspect, distrust, be suspicious of, doubt, be or feel wary or suspicious or doubtful of or about, have (one's) doubts about, question, have reservations, beware, be or feel leery of or about

Other Words for Misty

Misty Verb Synonyms: cloudy, foggy, hazy, murky, fuzzy, dim, blurred, blurry, unclear, indistinct, vague, dark, opaque, shadowy, obscure, unintelligible

Other Words for Misunderstand

Misunderstand Noun Synonyms: misconceive, misconstrue, misinterpret, misapprehend, get (it or it all) wrong, get the wrong idea (about), misread, misjudge, miscalculate, miss the point (of)

Other Words for Misunderstanding

Misunderstanding Verb Synonyms: disagreement, discord, dispute, argument, difference, dissension, controversy, quarrel, rift, falling out
Misunderstanding Adjective Synonyms: misconception, misconstruction, misinterpretation, misapprehension, misreading, misjudgement, miscalculation, wrong idea, wrong or false impression, mistaking, parasynesis

Other Words for Misuse

Misuse Noun Synonyms: misapplication, misusage, misappropriation, misemployment, diverting, diversion, perverting, perversion

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