Other Words for Mitigate

Mitigate Noun Synonyms: moderate, temper, reduce, abate, lessen, decrease, relieve, ease, ease up (on), relax, alleviate, remit, assuage, allay, let up (on), slacken, slacken up (on), tone down, lighten, appease, palliate, mollify, calm, tranquillize, soothe, placate

Other Words for Mitigating

Mitigating Verb Synonyms: extenuating, justifying, excusatory, palliating, vindicating, qualifying

Other Words for Mix

Mix Verb Synonyms: mingle, combine, intermingle, blend, incorporate, put together, merge, unite, alloy, commingle, amalgamate, coalesce
Mix Adjective Synonyms: socialize, fraternize, consort, hobnob, go round or around or about (together), get together, keep company, join (with), associate (with), hang out or about or round or around (with)

Other Words for Mix In

Mix In Verb Synonyms: add, stir in, combine, fold in

Other Words for Mix Up

Mix Up Verb Synonyms: confuse, confound, bewilder, muddle, perplex, puzzle, fluster, upset, addle, disturb, discombobulate

Other Words for Mix-Up

Mix-Up Noun Synonyms: confusion, mess, muddle, hotchpotch or also hodgepodge, tangle, jumble, botch, mishmash, foul-up, screw-up, snafu , balls-up

Other Words for Mixed

Mixed Verb Synonyms: hybrid, half-bred, mongrel, interbred, cross-bred, impure, tainted, adulterated
Mixed Noun Synonyms: confused, muddled, varied, various, diverse, conflicting, contradictory, opposing, clashing, opposite

Other Words for Mixed Up With

Mixed Up With Adjective Synonyms: involved, connected, associated

Other Words for Mixture

Mixture Adjective Synonyms: assortment, amalgam, amalgamation, medley, combination, mingling, intermingling, composite, blend, jumble, mix, miscellany, m‚lange, mess, mishmash, hotchpotch or and hodgepodge, gallimaufry, farrago, olio, olla podrida, hash, pot-pourri

Other Words for Moan

Moan Noun Synonyms: complaint, lament, lamentation, groan, wail, moaning, grievance

Other Words for Mob

Mob Noun Synonyms: crowd (round or around), jostle, throng, surround, beset, clamour over, swoop down on or upon
Mob Verb Synonyms: horde, host, press, throng, crowd, pack, herd, swarm, crush, jam, multitude, mass, body, assemblage, collection, group

Other Words for Mobbed

Mobbed Noun Synonyms: crowded, packed, thronged, congested, teeming, swarming, full, filled

Other Words for Mobile

Mobile Adjective Synonyms: motorized, mechanical, transportable, movable
Mobile Verb Synonyms: movable, non-stationary, unstationary, unfixed, travelling, portable, transportable

Other Words for Mobilize

Mobilize Adjective Synonyms: assemble, marshal, conscript, enrol, enlist, organize, muster, levy, rally, activate, call up, prepare, ready, draft

Other Words for Mock

Mock Adjective Synonyms: deride, ridicule, make fun of, tease, taunt, tantalize, jeer (at), gibe (at), thumb one's nose at, chaff, laugh at, poke fun at, make sport of, guy, scorn, flout, abuse, defy, scoff (at), sneer (at), disdain, disparage, decry, fleer (at)
Mock Verb Synonyms: ape, mimic, imitate, caricature, lampoon, satirize, parody, burlesque, travesty, spoof, take off, send up

Other Words for Mockery

Mockery Verb Synonyms: ridicule, derision, disdain, taunting, disparagement, abuse, scorn, contempt, contumely, decrial
Mockery Adjective Synonyms: semblance, imitation, impersonation, caricature, parody, burlesque, travesty, lampoon, satire, pasquinade, farce, miscarriage, spoof, take-off, send-up
Mockery Noun Synonyms: disappointment, joke, laugh, absurdity

Other Words for Mode

Mode Noun Synonyms: way, manner, method, approach, form, course, fashion, procedure, technique, system, wise, modus operandi, methodology, standard operating procedure

Other Words for Model

Model Verb Synonyms: copy, imitation, facsimile, representative, miniature
Model Noun Synonyms: representation, replica, mock-up, maquette, scale model, working model, miniature, dummy, image, likeness, facsimile, copy

Other Words for Model After

Model After Verb Synonyms: imitate, copy, pattern on or after, emulate, follow

Other Words for Moderate

Moderate Noun Synonyms: mediate, arbitrate, referee, judge, chair, supervise, preside (over), coordinate, run, regulate, manage, direct
Moderate Adjective Synonyms: temperate, calm, reasonable, cool, judicious, rational, balanced, unexcessive, modest, sober, sensible, commonsensical, controlled, deliberate, steady

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