Other Words for Moderately

Moderately Verb Synonyms: somewhat, rather, quite, fairly, pretty, comparatively, slightly, passably, more or less, to some extent, within reason, to a certain extent, to a degree, to some degree, in some measure, in moderation, within limits, temperately, sort of, kind of

Other Words for Moderator

Moderator Verb Synonyms: mediator, arbiter, arbitrator, judge, referee, umpire, chair, chairperson, chairman, chairwoman, chairlady, presiding officer, president, coordinator, (discussion) leader, anchorman, anchorwoman, master of ceremonies, toastmaster

Other Words for Modern

Modern Adverb Synonyms: up to date, current, contemporary, today's, new, fresh, novel, brand-new, up to the minute, present-day, latest, new-fashioned, newfangled, modish, in vogue, fashionable, in fashion, stylish, in style, chic, flavor of the month

Other Words for Modernize

Modernize Noun Synonyms: renovate, streamline, redo, redecorate, refurbish, refurnish, update, do over, rejuvenate, refresh, revamp, redesign, remodel, refashion, remake

Other Words for Modest

Modest Adjective Synonyms: unassuming, unpresuming, humble, unpretentious, unobtrusive, reserved, retiring, diffident, shy, bashful, demure, coy, shame-faced, self-effacing, self-conscious, reticent, reluctant, timid, meek, timorous, verecund
Modest Verb Synonyms: humble, simple, plain, ordinary, unpretentious, homely, lowly, unexceptional, unostentatious, inconspicuous, unobtrusive

Other Words for Modicum

Modicum Adjective Synonyms: bit, trifle, jot, jot or tittle, atom, scintilla, spark, particle, iota, speck, grain, whit, scrap, shred, snippet, sliver, fragment, splinter, morsel, crumb, ounce, dram, drop, dash, spot, touch, tinge, hint, suggestion, smidgen or smidgin

Other Words for Modify

Modify Noun Synonyms: reduce, decrease, diminish, lessen, moderate, temper, soften, lower, abate, tone down, modulate, qualify, limit, restrict
Modify Adjective Synonyms: adjust, adapt, change, transform, alter, revise, amend, redo, remake, remould, reshape, reconstruct, reform, revamp, refashion, remodel, rework, reword, reorient, reorganize

Other Words for Modulate

Modulate Verb Synonyms: adjust, regulate, set, tune, balance, temper, moderate, modify, lower, tune or tone or turn down, soften

Other Words for Mogul

Mogul Verb Synonyms: magnate, tycoon, baron, mandarin, big shot, big gun, big cheese, Pooh Bah, bigwig, big wheel, big Chief, big Daddy, hotshot, VIP, big noise, nabob, Mr. Big

Other Words for Moist

Moist Adjective Synonyms: tearful, teary, misty, lachrymose
Moist Verb Synonyms: damp, wettish, dampish, dewy, dank, humid, clammy, muggy, steamy, misty, foggy
Moist Noun Synonyms: damp, wet, rainy, drizzly, soggy, moisture-laden

Other Words for Moldy

Moldy Noun Synonyms: aged, ancient, outdated, old-fashioned, antediluvian, unused, stale, decayed, decaying, carious, mildewed, mouldering, musty, spoilt or spoiled, rotten, rotting, putrid, putrescent, putrefying, rancid, rank, decomposed, decomposing, mucid

Other Words for Molest

Molest Adjective Synonyms: annoy, irritate, vex, disturb, pester, badger, needle, provoke, nettle, tease, harass, harry, worry, hector, irk, bother, gall, chafe, roil, torment, plague, beleaguer

Other Words for Moment

Moment Noun Synonyms: importance, weight, consequence, significance, import, gravity, seriousness, prominence, concern, note, interest, consideration
Moment Verb Synonyms: instant, second, minute, half a second, two seconds, flash, twinkling, blink or wink of an eye, twinkling of an eye, trice, jiffy, shake, two shakes (of a lamb's tail), before you can say 'Jack Robinson'

Other Words for Momentary

Momentary Noun Synonyms: fleeting, temporary, ephemeral, evanescent, impermanent, fugitive, passing, transitory, brief, short-lived, quick, short, hasty

Other Words for Momentous

Momentous Noun Synonyms: important, weighty, consequential, significant, grave, serious, decisive, crucial, critical, vital, pivotal, portentous, charged, laden, fraught, of concern

Other Words for Momentum

Momentum Adjective Synonyms: energy, force, drive, strength, impetus, power, inertia, impulse, thrust, push

Other Words for Monarch

Monarch Adjective Synonyms: ruler, sovereign, potentate, crowned head, queen, king, empress, emperor, tsar or czar
Monarch Noun Synonyms: ruler, sovereign, chief, lord, master, owner, boss

Other Words for Monarchy

Monarchy Noun Synonyms: kingdom, empire, domain, dominion, principality, state, nation, country

Other Words for Monastery

Monastery Noun Synonyms: abbey, cloister, priory, friary, charterhouse, hospice, Buddhism vihara, Hinduism ashram, Tibetan Buddhism lamasery

Other Words for Monetary

Monetary Noun Synonyms: pecuniary, cash, money, fiscal, financial, capital, numismatic, nummular, nummary

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