Other Words for Magnitude

Magnitude Verb Synonyms: greatness, size, extent, bigness, immensity, enormousness, dimensions

Other Words for Maid

Maid Noun Synonyms: girl, maiden, lass, miss, nymphet, nymph, wench, damsel, mademoiselle, demoiselle, lassie, virgin, virgo intacta

Other Words for Mail

Mail Adjective Synonyms: post, correspondence, letters

Other Words for Maim

Maim Noun Synonyms: cripple, mutilate, lame, disable, incapacitate, wound, wing, impair, hamstring, put out of action or commission, injure, harm, damage

Other Words for Main

Main Adjective Synonyms: necessary, essential, basic, particular, fundamental, critical, crucial, vital
Main Verb Synonyms: chief, primary, prime, (most) important, principal, cardinal, paramount, first, foremost, leading, pre-eminent, predominant, predominating, dominant, ranking, major, outstanding

Other Words for Mainly

Mainly Noun Synonyms: in the main, principally, predominantly, generally, above all, on the whole, in general, mostly, most of all, effectively, essentially, at bottom, first and foremost, for the most part, largely, by and large, primarily, as a rule

Other Words for Mainstay

Mainstay Noun Synonyms: main or chief or principal support, anchor (to windward), sheet anchor, bulwark, buttress, linchpin, main or greatest strength

Other Words for Maintain

Maintain Adverb Synonyms: continue, preserve, persevere in, keep going, persist in, keep (up), carry on, retain, perpetuate, prolong, sustain, uphold
Maintain Noun Synonyms: look after, take care of, care for, preserve, (keep in) service, keep up, keep in repair, nurture, support
Maintain Verb Synonyms: hold, state, say, declare, claim, assert, allege, testify, contend, aver, avow, announce, proclaim, vouchsafe, profess, insist (on), affirm

Other Words for Maintenance

Maintenance Verb Synonyms: upkeep, care, preservation, conservation, support, sustention, sustentation
Maintenance Noun Synonyms: upkeep, livelihood, subsistence, support, allowance, living, sustenance, stipend, subvention, contribution, alimony, keep

Other Words for Majestic

Majestic Noun Synonyms: regal, dignified, grand, imperial, royal, noble, lordly, lofty, elevated, exalted, glorious, magnificent, monumental, impressive, striking, imposing, awesome, splendid, marvelous, kingly, queenly, princely

Other Words for Major

Major Adjective Synonyms: larger, greater, bigger, main, chief, important

Other Words for Major Issue

Major Issue Noun Synonyms: (major or big) problem or difficulty, controversy, fight, dispute, cause c‚lŠbre

Other Words for Majority

Majority Adjective Synonyms: bulk, preponderance, mass, more than half, the better or best part, the greater part or number, lion's share

Other Words for Make

Make Noun Synonyms: build, assemble, construct, erect, put together, set up, fashion, form, mould, shape, frame, create, originate, fabricate, manufacture, produce, put out, forge, contrive, devise
Make Verb Synonyms: bring about, occasion, cause, give rise to

Other Words for Make A Face

Make A Face Noun Synonyms: grimace, change one's expression, murgeon

Other Words for Make A Point Of

Make A Point Of Noun Synonyms: make an effort (to), put or place emphasis on, go out of one's way (to), emphasize, single out, stress

Other Words for Make As If

Make As If Verb Synonyms: pretend, feign, act as if or as though, affect, make a show or pretence of, give the impression of

Other Words for Make Away

Make Away Verb Synonyms: run off or away, flee, fly, make off, abscond, take to one's heels, decamp, beat a (hasty) retreat, run for it, make a run for it, beat it, clear out, cut and run, skedaddle, take off, cut out, skip (town), make tracks, fly the coop

Other Words for Make Away With

Make Away With Verb Synonyms: steal, rob, filch, pilfer, purloin, walk away or off with, borrow, liberate, boost, pinch, hook, swipe, rip off, lift, boost

Other Words for Make Believe

Make Believe Verb Synonyms: pretend, suppose, imagine, fancy, conjecture, assume

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