Other Words for Morale

Morale Noun Synonyms: dedication, spirit(s), unity, esprit de corps, disposition, attitude, confidence, self-confidence, self-esteem

Other Words for Morality

Morality Noun Synonyms: ethics, morals, ethicalness, moralness, principle(s), mores, integrity, propriety, standards, ideals, honesty, right, rightness, righteousness, rectitude, justice, fair play, fairness, decency, uprightness, integrity

Other Words for Morals

Morals Adjective Synonyms: behavior, conduct, mores, belief, habit(s), custom(s), practice(s), principle(s), scruples, ethics, ideals, standards, probity, morality, rectitude, integrity

Other Words for Morass

Morass Noun Synonyms: bog, marsh, swamp, fen, quagmire, slough, marshland, moorland, moss

Other Words for Moratorium

Moratorium Noun Synonyms: halt, hiatus, suspension, stay, respite, freeze, delay, waiting-period, postponement

Other Words for Morbid

Morbid Noun Synonyms: unhealthy, unwholesome, disordered, unsound, sick, pathological, pathogenic

Other Words for Moreover

Moreover Adjective Synonyms: furthermore, further, besides, not only that, more than that, what is more, to boot, into the bargain, in addition, additionally, as well, too

Other Words for Moribund

Moribund Adverb Synonyms: ending, declining, obsolescent, weak, on the way out, waning, on the wane, dying out, stagnating, stagnant
Moribund Adjective Synonyms: dying, in extremis, at death's door, failing, fading, with one foot in the grave, half-dead, breathing one's last, expiring, on one's last legs, on one's deathbed

Other Words for Morning

Morning Adjective Synonyms: forenoon, a.m., dawn, daybreak, sunrise, morn, cock crow, day-spring, morrow, sun-up

Other Words for Morsel

Morsel Noun Synonyms: mouthful, bite, gobbet, spoonful, forkful, chew, taste, sample, nibble, bit, drop, dollop
Morsel Adjective Synonyms: bit, crumb, fragment, scrap, sliver, splinter, shard or sherd, shred, remnant, particle, atom, speck, whit, fraction, grain, granule, pinch, piece, smidgen or smidgin

Other Words for Mortal

Mortal Noun Synonyms: human, transitory, temporal, transient, ephemeral
Mortal Adjective Synonyms: deadly, fatal, lethal, terminal, destructive, disastrous

Other Words for Mortify

Mortify Verb Synonyms: gangrene, fester, necrose, putrefy, rot, decompose, decay, putresce
Mortify Noun Synonyms: punish, castigate, discipline, control, subdue, subjugate
Mortify Adjective Synonyms: humiliate, shame, humble, embarrass, abash, chagrin, rebuff, crush, discomfit, deflate, bring down, degrade, downgrade, reduce, chasten, subdue, suppress, make someone eat humble pie, teach someone his or her place, put down

Other Words for Mother

Mother Verb Synonyms: dam, materfamilias, (female) parent, formal or jocular mater, progenitrix, matriarch, ma, old lady, old woman, mummy, mum, mom, mommy, mama, mamma, maw, mammy, mam
Mother Noun Synonyms: nourisher, nurturer, nurse
Mother Adjective Synonyms: pamper, baby, coddle, spoil, indulge, fuss over, overprotect

Other Words for Motif

Motif Verb Synonyms: theme, idea, topic, subject, concept, leitmotif, pattern, figure, refrain, device, ornament, decoration, element, convention

Other Words for Motion

Motion Verb Synonyms: movement, moving, change, shift, shifting, action, going, travelling, travel, progress, passage, transit, activity, commotion, stir, agitation, turmoil, turbulence
Motion Noun Synonyms: mobility, movability, motility

Other Words for Motivate

Motivate Noun Synonyms: prompt, activate, move, inspire, incite, induce, actuate, stimulate, provoke, influence, encourage, occasion, bring about, cause, excite, egg (on), urge, prod, spur, galvanize, goad, rouse, arouse, stir (up), wheedle, coax, persuade, cajole, tempt, push

Other Words for Motive

Motive Verb Synonyms: inducement, incentive, motivation, stimulus, motivating force, stimulation, incitement, influence, cause, reason, rationale, grounds, attraction, lure, enticement, goad, spur, urge, prod
Motive Noun Synonyms: driving, impelling, propelling, propulsive, moving, kinetic, activating, operative

Other Words for Mottled

Mottled Noun Synonyms: dappled, brindled, marbled, streaked, splodgy or splotchy, blotched, blotchy, freckled, spotted, spotty, patchy, speckled, flecked, sprinkled, spattered, splashed, streaky, stippled, pied, piebald, multicoloured, variegated, particoloured

Other Words for Motto

Motto Adjective Synonyms: maxim, proverb, saying, adage, saw, aphorism, apophthegm or apothegm, gnome, slogan, byword, catchword, battle-cry, guide, moral, principle, rule, precept

Other Words for Mould

Mould Verb Synonyms: influence, shape, form, affect, make, control, direct, guide, lead
Mould Noun Synonyms: form, shape, pattern, format, structure, build, construction, design, arrangement, organization, configuration, kind, brand, make, line, type, stamp, cut
Mould Adjective Synonyms: form, cast, matrix, die, template or templet, pattern, form

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