Other Words for Mound

Mound Verb Synonyms: climb or get or clamber up on, bestride, straddle, bestraddle
Mound Adjective Synonyms: heap, pile, stack, tumulus, tell, barrow, (kitchen) midden
Mound Noun Synonyms: hillock, rise, hummock, hill, hump, bank, elevation, knoll, knob, swell, dune, slope, tor, W and butte,

Other Words for Mountain

Mountain Noun Synonyms: height, elevation, mount, eminence, prominence, peak, alp, tor, summit, fell, Irish English ben

Other Words for Mountainous

Mountainous Noun Synonyms: craggy, alpine, Himalayan

Other Words for Mourn

Mourn Adjective Synonyms: grieve (over), lament, sorrow (over), bemoan, bewail, keen, weep for or over, regret, rue, deplore

Other Words for Mournful

Mournful Verb Synonyms: deplorable, sorrowful, grievous, distressing, upsetting, tragic, saddening, disheartening, depressing, lamentable, catastrophic, calamitous, disastrous
Mournful Adjective Synonyms: sad, sorrowful, dismal, melancholy, blue, afflicted, doleful, dolorous, grief-stricken, rueful, forlorn, woebegone, sombre, lugubrious, funereal, joyless, dispirited, cheerless, unhappy, downhearted, heavy-hearted, disconsolate, heartbroken, inconsolable

Other Words for Mourning

Mourning Noun Synonyms: black, widow's weeds, sackcloth and ashes
Mourning Adjective Synonyms: grief, lament, grieving, lamentation, sorrowing, keening, weeping, wailing

Other Words for Mousy

Mousy Noun Synonyms: mousey, mouse-coloured, dun, grey, greyish-brown, brownish-grey, brownish, brown, dull, lustreless, lacklustre, drab, flat, plain, colourless

Other Words for Mouth

Mouth Adjective Synonyms: lips, maw, jaws, oral cavity, stoma, trap, kisser, muzzle, gob, chops, yap, bazoo
Mouth Noun Synonyms: bragging, boasting, braggadocio, empty or idle talk, bombast, rodomontade, fustian, claptrap, hot air, gas

Other Words for Mouthful

Mouthful Noun Synonyms: morsel, bite, spoonful, forkful, lump, chunk, gob, hunk

Other Words for Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece Verb Synonyms: embouchure, bit
Mouthpiece Noun Synonyms: spokesman, spokeswoman, spokesperson, agent, representative, intermediator, mediator, delegate

Other Words for Movable

Movable Noun Synonyms: moveable, floating, variable, changeable, unfixed, portable, transportable, transferable or transferrable

Other Words for Move

Move Verb Synonyms: affect, touch, stir, shake up, agitate, hit (hard), upset, strike, smite, disturb, ruffle, disquiet, have an (or a profound) effect (on), make a (deep) impression (on)
Move Adjective Synonyms: move house, move out, remove, move away, relocate, decamp, depart, change residence, emigrate, go or make off, transfer, take off (for), pull up stakes, up sticks, split (for)
Move Noun Synonyms: shift, stir, budge, make a move, go, proceed, advance, progress

Other Words for Movement

Movement Noun Synonyms: repositioning, move, motion, relocation, moving, migration, shift, transfer, flow, displacement

Other Words for Movie

Movie Noun Synonyms: motion picture, film, moving picture, silent (picture), talking picture, talkie, flick

Other Words for Movies

Movies Noun Synonyms: picture show, cinema, flicks, big or large screen, silver screen

Other Words for Moving

Moving Noun Synonyms: touching, poignant, emotive, affecting, stirring, heart-rending, emotional, telling, effective, impressive, striking, compelling, pathetic, exciting, thrilling, inspiring, inspirational, impelling, persuasive

Other Words for Mow

Mow Adjective Synonyms: cut (down), scythe, trim, shear

Other Words for Mow Down

Mow Down Adjective Synonyms: annihilate, kill, massacre, butcher, slaughter, exterminate, liquidate, eradicate, wipe out, cut down, cut to pieces, destroy, decimate

Other Words for Muck

Muck Verb Synonyms: ordure, manure, dung, excrement, faeces, droppings, guano

Other Words for Muck About

Muck About Noun Synonyms: fool around, waste time, idle, loiter, mess around or about

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