Other Words for Muck Up

Muck Up Noun Synonyms: ruin, wreck, destroy, make a mess of, botch, mess up, bungle, screw up, bugger up, make a muck of

Other Words for Mud

Mud Verb Synonyms: muck, ooze, slime, mire, clay, sludge, silt, dirt, gumbo or gombo

Other Words for Muddle

Muddle Noun Synonyms: confuse, mix up, jumble, scramble, entangle, tangle, mess up, disorder, disarrange, disorganize, bungle, mismanage, muff
Muddle Verb Synonyms: bewilder, confuse, confound, mystify, baffle, mix up, disorient, befuddle, perplex, bemuse, puzzle, befog

Other Words for Muddle Through

Muddle Through Verb Synonyms: (barely) manage, cope, make it, scrape through or along, contrive, make do, get by, get along

Other Words for Muddy

Muddy Adjective Synonyms: drab, subdued, blurred, dingy, flat, murky, mat, washed out
Muddy Verb Synonyms: fouled, befouled, muddied, mud-spattered, dirty, grubby, grimy, soiled, mud-caked, slimy, mucky, miry, oozy, squelchy, squashy, boggy, fenny, marshy, swampy, feculent, squishy, squushy
Muddy Noun Synonyms: confused, unclear, vague, obscure, dull, dim, fuzzy, muddled, addled, mixed-up

Other Words for Muffle

Muffle Verb Synonyms: deaden, silence, suppress, stifle, subdue, damp, dampen, mute, hush, quiet, tone down, still

Other Words for Muffle Up

Muffle Up Verb Synonyms: wrap, swathe, swaddle, cloak, envelop, cover (up), enfold, shroud, enshroud, conceal, protect

Other Words for Muffler

Muffler Verb Synonyms: scarf, boa, shawl, wrap

Other Words for Mug

Mug Noun Synonyms: face, visage, features, countenance, puss, kisser, mush, clock, dial, phiz or phizog, pan
Mug Verb Synonyms: jug, tankard, stein, toby (jug), pot, beaker, cup

Other Words for Mug Up

Mug Up Verb Synonyms: study, lucubrate, cram, burn the midnight oil, get up (on), swot, bone up (on)

Other Words for Muggy

Muggy Verb Synonyms: humid, damp, sticky, sultry, oppressive, clammy, steamy, close, stuffy, moist, soggy

Other Words for Mull Over

Mull Over Verb Synonyms: ponder, consider, study, think (over or about), cogitate (on or over or about), con, evaluate, turn over, weigh, deliberate (on or over), reflect (on), muse (on), review, examine, contemplate, meditate (on), chew over

Other Words for Mum

Mum Adjective Synonyms: silent, mute, close-mouthed, quiet, tight-lipped

Other Words for Mumble

Mumble Adjective Synonyms: murmur, mutter, say inarticulately, utter indistinctly, swallow one's words

Other Words for Mumbo-Jumbo

Mumbo-Jumbo Noun Synonyms: gibberish, nonsense, rubbish, gobbledegook or gobbledygook, drivel, humbug, bunkum, double-talk, rigmarole or rigamarole, jabberwocky, blather or blether, poppycock, eyewash, rot, tommy-rot, hogwash, bilge, bosh, bull, malarkey, claptrap, piffle
Mumbo-Jumbo Verb Synonyms: spell, incantation, chant, formula, charm, abracadabra, hocus-pocus, rite, ritual, conjuration, magic

Other Words for Mums The Word

Mums The Word Verb Synonyms: Don't tell a soul, Keep silent, Keep secret, Keep quiet, Keep (something) to oneself, Keep (something) under one's hat, Say nothing, Tell no-one, Play dumb

Other Words for Munch

Munch Noun Synonyms: chew, crunch, masticate, champ, chomp, scrunch

Other Words for Municipal

Municipal Noun Synonyms: civic, civil, metropolitan, urban, city, town, village, borough, parish, council

Other Words for Municipality

Municipality Verb Synonyms: city, metropolis, town, village, borough, district, township, suburb, exurb

Other Words for Murder

Murder Adjective Synonyms: homicide, manslaughter, regicide, patricide, matricide, parricide, fratricide, sororicide, uxoricide, infanticide, killing, slaying, assassination
Murder Noun Synonyms: slaughter, butchery, genocide, massacre, liquidation, decimation, extermination, eradication, wiping out, murdering, slaying, killing, bloodshed, carnage

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