Other Words for Murderer

Murderer Verb Synonyms: murderess, killer, slayer, assassin, homicide, cutthroat, liquidator, executioner, butcher, hit man

Other Words for Murderous

Murderous Verb Synonyms: fatal, lethal, deadly, deathly, mortal, destructive, devastating, sanguinary, bloody, brutal, savage, bloodthirsty, barbarous, fell, cruel, inhuman
Murderous Noun Synonyms: killing, strenuous, stressful, difficult, arduous, exhausting, hellish, harrowing, rigorous, intolerable, unbearable

Other Words for Murky

Murky Adjective Synonyms: dark, gloomy, threatening, dim, clouded, cloudy, overcast, grey, dismal, dreary, bleak, sombre, grim, funereal, shady, shadowy

Other Words for Murmur

Murmur Noun Synonyms: mumble, mutter, whisper
Murmur Adjective Synonyms: undercurrent, undertone, background noise or sound, rumble, rumbling, mumble, mumbling, drone, droning, buzz, buzzing, murmuration, murmuring, hum, humming, whispering, susurration or susurrus

Other Words for Muscular

Muscular Verb Synonyms: sinewy, brawny, burly, powerful, powerfully built, strapping, rugged, husky, robust, athletic, sturdy, well-muscled, broad-shouldered

Other Words for Muse

Muse Verb Synonyms: cogitate, meditate, reflect, contemplate, ruminate, think over, think about, consider, chew over, deliberate, revolve, weigh, evaluate, study, mull over, brood (over), ponder, be absorbed (in thought), be in a brown study, dream, day-dream, be in a trance

Other Words for Mushy

Mushy Verb Synonyms: mawkish, maudlin, sentimental, romantic, saccharine, sugary, syrupy, corny, sloppy, gooey, slushy, wet, schmaltzy
Mushy Adjective Synonyms: soft, pulpy, squashy, doughy, squidgy, spongy, swampy, boggy, miry, squishy, squushy, squashy

Other Words for Musical

Musical Adjective Synonyms: tuneful, melodic, harmonious, lilting, lyrical, melodious, mellifluous, dulcet, euphonious

Other Words for Must

Must Adjective Synonyms: ought (to), should, have to, be obliged or obligated to, be compelled or forced to, be required to

Other Words for Muster

Muster Verb Synonyms: call or come together, assemble, convoke, convene, collect, mobilize, rally, round up, gather, marshal, summon (up)
Muster Noun Synonyms: rally, assembly, assemblage, convocation, meet, meeting, convention, congress, round-up, turnout, gathering, congregation, aggregation, aggregate

Other Words for Musty

Musty Noun Synonyms: mouldy, damp, mildewed, mildewy, sour, rancid, spoilt, decayed, rotten, putrid, fetid or foetid, fusty, stale

Other Words for Mutation

Mutation Adjective Synonyms: change, changing, alteration, altering, modification, modifying, transformation, transforming, metamorphosis, metamorphosing, transmutation, transmuting, transfiguration, transfiguring, evolution, evolving, variation, varying

Other Words for Mute

Mute Adjective Synonyms: deaden, silence, muffle, stifle, dampen, damp, subdue, suppress, quiet or also quieten, hush, soft-pedal, turn down, tone down
Mute Noun Synonyms: silent, dumb, speechless, voiceless, wordless, tight-lipped, taciturn, tacit, reserved, quiet, mum

Other Words for Mutilate

Mutilate Adjective Synonyms: maim, disfigure, mangle, cripple, lame, butcher, disable, dismember, amputate, hack off, cut off, lop off, tear off, rip off
Mutilate Verb Synonyms: spoil, mar, ruin, damage, deface, vandalize, destroy

Other Words for Mutinous

Mutinous Verb Synonyms: rebellious, revolutionary, subversive, seditious, insurgent, insurrectionary

Other Words for Mutiny

Mutiny Adjective Synonyms: revolt, rebellion, revolution, subversion, subversiveness, insurgency, insurgence, insurrection, uprising

Other Words for Mutter

Mutter Noun Synonyms: mumble, murmur, grunt
Mutter Verb Synonyms: grumble, complain, grouch, grouse, chunter

Other Words for Mutual

Mutual Verb Synonyms: reciprocal, reciprocated, requited, interactive, complementary

Other Words for Mysterious

Mysterious Adjective Synonyms: puzzling, enigmatic, baffling, insoluble, unsolvable, bewildering, confounding, confusing, perplexing, mystifying, weird, bizarre, strange, uncanny, curious

Other Words for Mystery

Mystery Noun Synonyms: detective story or novel, murder (story), whodunit
Mystery Adjective Synonyms: puzzle, enigma, conundrum, riddle, question

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