Other Words for Malignant

Malignant Adjective Synonyms: malign, malevolent, evil, malicious, pernicious, vicious, invidious, spiteful, bitter, hateful, venomous
Malignant Noun Synonyms: virulent, pernicious, deadly, fatal, toxic, poisonous, harmful, life-threatening

Other Words for Man

Man Adjective Synonyms: gentleman, male, fellow, guy, chap, bloke, squire, gink, geezer, gazabo
Man Noun Synonyms: staff, people, crew, cover

Other Words for Man-Hater

Man-Hater Adjective Synonyms: misanthrope, misanthropist

Other Words for Manacle

Manacle Noun Synonyms: confine, inhibit, restrain, curb, check, control, hamper
Manacle Verb Synonyms: shackle, fetter, handcuff, restrain, put or throw or clap in irons, chain, cuff

Other Words for Manacles

Manacles Noun Synonyms: shackles, fetters, handcuffs, gyves, chains, irons, cuffs, bracelets, darbies

Other Words for Manage

Manage Verb Synonyms: handle, administer, run, supervise, look after, watch over, direct, head, oversee, superintend, direct, preside over, be in charge (of), take care of, control, rule (over), govern, regulate

Other Words for Manageable

Manageable Verb Synonyms: controllable, tractable, compliant, amenable, docile, tameable, tame, trainable, teachable, manipulable, submissive

Other Words for Management

Management Noun Synonyms: managing, control, supervision, manipulation, handling, direction, directing, directorship, administration, government, conduct, governance, operation, running, superintendence, command, guidance, stewardship
Management Adjective Synonyms: administration, executive(s), bosses, directors, board (of directors), directorate, (top) brass

Other Words for Manager

Manager Noun Synonyms: supervisor, superintendent, director, executive, head, proprietor, overseer, foreman, forewoman, administrator, manageress , straw boss, boss, chief

Other Words for Mandatory

Mandatory Noun Synonyms: compulsory, obligatory, requisite, required, essential, commanded, demanded, necessary, needed

Other Words for Maneuver

Maneuver Noun Synonyms: exercise, operation, drill, war-game, operation, kriegspiel, training
Maneuver Adjective Synonyms: move, stratagem, tactic, trick, gambit, ploy, subterfuge, ruse, dodge, artifice, device, wile, d‚marche, strategy, plan, plot, scheme, intrigue, machination

Other Words for Mangle

Mangle Noun Synonyms: destroy, mutilate, butcher, deform, disfigure, spoil, mar, ruin, wreck, cut, hack, lacerate, chop (up), crush, damage, cripple, maim

Other Words for Mangy

Mangy Adjective Synonyms: scruffy, dirty, sleazy, wretched, miserable, repulsive, sorry, squalid, slovenly, unkempt, filthy, dingy, seedy, poor, shabby, mean, low, ignominious, base, abject, odious, disreputable, moth-eaten, contemptible, despicable, nasty, scurvy

Other Words for Manhandle

Manhandle Verb Synonyms: maul, paw, rough up, batter, beat (up), pummel, abuse, mistreat, maltreat, ill-treat, trounce, belabour, knock about or around, clobber

Other Words for Manhood

Manhood Verb Synonyms: masculinity, manliness, manfulness, virility, machismo
Manhood Noun Synonyms: bravery, pluck, boldness, determination, resolution, fortitude, grit, spirit, force, intestinal fortitude, guts

Other Words for Mania

Mania Noun Synonyms: rage, craze, passion, obsession, compulsion, urge, fascination, preoccupation, furore or furor, yearning, craving, desire, cacoethes, fad, yen

Other Words for Maniac

Maniac Noun Synonyms: madman, madwoman, lunatic, psychopath, psychotic, crackpot, nut, nutter, loony, kook

Other Words for Maniacal

Maniacal Noun Synonyms: manic, maniac, insane, lunatic, mad, demented, deranged, hysterical, mentally ill, of unsound mind, non compos mentis, psychotic

Other Words for Manifest

Manifest Adjective Synonyms: apparent, clear, evident, obvious, plain, patent, blatant, conspicuous, unmistakable or unmistakeable, discernible, recognizable, comprehensible, distinct, palpable, definite, explicit, unambiguous, unquestionable, indubitable, indisputable

Other Words for Manifestation

Manifestation Verb Synonyms: display, exhibition, demonstration, show, disclosure, appearance, exposure, presentation, sign, indication, mark, expression, example, instance, declaration, avowal, publication, announcement

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