Other Words for Mad

Mad Adjective Synonyms
foolish, silly, childish, immature, puerile, wild, nonsensical, foolhardy, madcap, heedless, senseless, absurd, imprudent, unwise, indiscreet, rash, ill-advised, ill-considered, reckless, extravagant, irrational, fatuous
I did many mad things when I was a student. Hitching to Inverness is a mad idea.

wild, ferocious, rabid
Have they caught that mad dog yet.

Mad Noun Synonyms
insane, deranged, crazy, crazed, demented, lunatic, unhinged, delirious, out of one's mind or head, psychotic, maniacal, (mentally) unbalanced, mentally ill, of unsound mind, non compos mentis, daft, out of one's head
You're mad if you think I'm going in there with that lion.

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