Other Words for Madden

Madden Adjective Synonyms
irk, vex, pique, exasperate, irritate
He has the maddening habit of affecting a lisp.

infuriate, anger, enrage, incense, provoke, inflame, excite (someone) to (a) frenzy or rage, make (someone's) blood boil, raise (someone's) hackles, make (someone) see red, get (someone's) back up, drive someone crazy
Their getting away with something like that maddened us all.

Madden Verb Synonyms
bait, badger, torment, plague, bedevil, rile, hassle
The dog was maddened into attacking anything that moved.


Entertainment / Football / Sack: Tackling a ball carrier who intends to throw a forward pass. A sack is also awarded if a player forces a fumble of the ball, or the ball carrier to go out of bounds, behind the line of scrimmage on an MORE

4-4-4 Defense

Entertainment / Football / 4-4-4 Defense: Illegal participation (name so derived from the fact that 4+4+4=12 men on the field; each team is limited to 11). Coined by coach and color commentator John Madden. MORE

Prevent Defense

Entertainment / Football / Prevent Defense: A defensive strategy that utilizes deep zone coverage in order to prevent a big pass play from happening down field, usually at the expense of giving up yards at shorter distances. Often used against MORE