Other Words for Madly

Madly Adverb Synonyms
furiously, wildly, ferociously, fiercely, energetically, desperately, like mad, vehemently, feverishly, excitedly, fanatically, violently, impetuously
He dashed about madly trying to get help.

excessively, extremely, desperately, intensely, passionately, wildly, ardently, fervently, fervidly, exceedingly
She was madly in love with George.

Madly Verb Synonyms
foolishly, stupidly, inanely, ridiculously, ludicrously, idiotically, absurdly, irrationally, senselessly
The king madly spurned the proffered aid and was soundly defeated.

insanely, hysterically, dementedly, wildly, distractedly, frenziedly
The patient keeps screaming madly, day and night.