Other Words for Magazine

Magazine Noun Synonyms
arsenal, ammunition or munitions dump, armoury
Saboteurs infiltrated the camp and blew up the magazine.

periodical, journal, publication
We publish a quarterly magazine about language.

Ride To Work Day

Technology / Motorcycle / Ride To Work Day: Ride to Work Day was inspired by various 'Work to Ride - Ride to Work' T-shirts, stickers and other marketing materials created between 1989 and 1991 by Andy Goldfine for the Aero Design and Manufactu MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / RETREADS: The RETREADSĀ® Motorcycle Club was conceived and founded in 1969 by five men through a letters column in a motorcycle magazine. In time, the group agreed they should form a correspondence motorcycle c MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Photo-Reportage: Use of photographs in newspapers and magazines, to supplement or replace written journalistic accounts. MORE

Hollister Incident

Technology / Motorcycle / Hollister Incident: A band of bikers rode into Hollister, CA. on July 4, 1947 for a 3-day rally. Some drunkenness occurred and the press made a sensational story out of it that appeared in Life magazine. Most of the bike MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Enallage: (Greek, 'interchange') Intentionally misusing grammar to characterize a speaker or to create a memorable phrase. Boxing manager Joe Jacobs, for instance, became immortal with the phrase, 'We was robbe MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Anthimeria: Artfully using a different part of speech to act as another in violation of the normal rules of grammar. This switch might involve treating a verb like a noun, or a noun like a verb, or an adjective l MORE