Other Words for Magic

Magic Adjective Synonyms
magical, enchanting, entrancing, bewitching, fascinating, hypnotic, mesmerizing, entrancing, spellbinding, charming, magnetic, ensorcelling
The music had a magic effect on them.

Magic Noun Synonyms
witchcraft, sorcery, wizardry, black magic, necromancy, black art, voodoo, obeahism, devilry or deviltry, diabolism, demonolatry, occultism, sortilege, theurgy, white magic, spell
As the magic began to work, he slowly changed into a horrible ghoul.

legerdemain, conjuring, prestidigitation, sleight of hand, illusion, hocus-pocus, trickery
He performs tricks of magic, including sawing a woman in half.

magical, miraculous
The magic ointment made her young again.

necromantic, occult, mystic, shamanistic, theurgical
Using a magic spell, she turned him into a toad.

enchantment, allure, allurement, charm, bewitchment, spell, witchery, witchcraft, wizardry, glamour, fascination, magnetism, ensorcellment
She worked her magic on every man she met.

Magic Circle

Health / Pilates / Magic Circle: Magic CircleA simple isometric device comprising a flexible ring with handles. Can be used to firm the muscles of the upper arms, neck, and inner thighs (especially good for expectant mothers). In pla MORE

Magic Realism

Entertainment / Literature / Magic Realism: In 1925, Franz Roh first applied the term 'magic realism' (magischer Realismus in German) to a group of neue Saqchlichkeit painters in Munich (Cuddon 531). These painters blended realistic, smoothly p MORE

Magical Thinking

Science / Psychiatry / Magical Thinking: The erroneous belief that ones thoughts, words, or actions will cause or prevent a specific outcome in some way that defies commonly understood laws of cause and effect. Magical thinking may be a part MORE

Magic Number

Entertainment / Baseball / Magic Number: This indicates the sum of the number of games that a first place team must plus the number of games that a team ranked lower in the standings must lose in order for the first place team to win a divis MORE

Magic Of Diversification

Business / Finance / Magic Of Diversification: The effective reduction of risk (variance) of a portfolio, achieved without reduction to expected returns through the combination of assets with low or negative correlations (covariances). Related: Ma MORE

White Magic

Entertainment / Liquor / White Magic: A brand of white rum distilled by Caroni in Trinidad. MORE