Other Words for Magnetism

Magnetism Noun Synonyms
attraction, draw, appeal, allure, magic, lure, attractiveness, charm, pull, seductiveness, irresistibility, drawing power, charisma, duende, likeableness, sex appeal
JFK's personal magnetism won him millions of votes.

More Words for Magnetism

Draw / Lure / Magic / Pull


Science / Chemistry / Ferromagnetism: Ferromagnetic materials exhibit magnetism even in the absence of an external magnetic field. Ferromagnetic materials contain regions where many paramagnetic atoms or ions have magnetic moments that ar MORE


Science / Chemistry / Diamagnetism: Diamagnetic materials are very weakly repelled by magnetic fields. The atoms or molecules of diamagnetic materials contain no unpaired spins. MORE


Science / Geology / Paleomagnetism: The study of Earth's magnetic field over time. When rocks that contain magnetic minerals are deposited, the character (vertical and horizontal orientation) of Earth's magnetic field is locked within t MORE


Science / Chemistry / Paramagnetism: Paramagnetic materials are attracted to a magnetic field due to the presence of least one unpaired spin in their atoms or molecules. MORE

Variation (Of Compass)

Science / Tides and Currents / Variation (Of Compass): Difference between true north as determined by the Earth's axis of rotation and magnetic north as determined by the Earth's magnetism. Variation is designated as east or positive when the magnetic nee MORE

Magnetic Chuck

Business / Machine Shop / Magnetic Chuck: A flat smooth-surfaced work holding device which operates by magnetism to hold ferrous metal workpieces for grinding. MORE