Other Words for Magnification

Magnification Adjective Synonyms
enlargement, amplification, build-up, strengthening, enhancement, aggrandizement, raising, elevation, increase, expansion, heightening, glorification, ennoblement
The microdot can be read only at a magnification of 260X. The advertising agency worked on the magnification of the candidate's record of achievement.

Biomagnification (Or Biological Magnification)

Business / Agriculture / Biomagnification (Or Biological Magnification): The increase in the concentration of bioaccumulated toxic chemicals in organisms higher on the food chain due to preferential storage of the toxic chemical in edible body parts. For example, chlorinat MORE

Response Analysis

Science / Tides and Currents / Response Analysis: For any linear system, an input function Xi(t) and an output function X0(t) can be related according to the formula: X0(t) = oi4xi (t – J)W(J)dj + noise(t), where W(J) is the impulse response of the MORE

Pixel Size

Science / Spiders / Pixel Size: the number of Angstroms per pixel in the digitized micrograph. Pixel size is computed as ps (A/p) = [10,000(A/u) * SR(u) * DF] / M, where ps = pixelsize, SR = scanning resolution, DF = decimation fact MORE

Power Spectrum

Science / Spiders / Power Spectrum: intensity [= squared amplitude] of the Fourier transform, presented either in the form of an image (= the outcome of the PW operation) or as a profile (= the outcome of averaging the 2D power spectrum MORE

Extension Tubes

Entertainment / Photography / Extension Tubes: Metal or plastic tubes used on small format cameras, to extend lens-to-film distance, enabling magnification greater than 1x. MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Microstructure: A term use to describe the structure of metals. Visual examination of etched metal surfaces and fractures reveal some configurations in etched patterns that relate to structure, but magnification of m MORE