Other Words for Make

Make Noun Synonyms
build, assemble, construct, erect, put together, set up, fashion, form, mould, shape, frame, create, originate, fabricate, manufacture, produce, put out, forge, contrive, devise
She makes her own dresses. They make TV sets here. The Colossus of Rhodes was said to be made of bronze.

cause, compel, force, impel, coerce, provoke, urge, exhort, press, pressure, require, command, order, induce, persuade, prevail upon, insist upon, oblige, pressurize
The devil made me do it.

Make Verb Synonyms
record, arrange, fix, decide (on or upon), agree (to)
I made an appointment to see the doctor.

prepare, arrange, rearrange, tidy (up), neaten (up)
You have made your bed, now you will have to lie on it.

make out or up, draw (up), create, write, sign, frame
I made a new will leaving everything to my children.

serve as or for, be suitable for, be, prove to be, turn out to be, turn into, become
This cut of meat will not make a good roast.

earn, return, reap, garner, take in, get, procure, gather, clear, realize, gross, net, pocket, get, acquire, obtain, receive, win, gain, pull down
Has her invention made money? He makes a good living out of his shop. He made $25 playing poker.

become, be, change or turn or grow into, perform as
I think Quentin will make a brilliant surgeon one day.

seduce, make it with
Kenneth tried to make Sharon last night.

do, go, travel or move at, move
His old banger could hardly make 40 m.p.h.

kind, brand, style, sort, type, mark
Foreign makes of car currently dominate the market-place.

change, turn, alter, modify, transform, convert, transmute, mutate, metamorphose
He made her into a star. The alchemists tried to make base metal into gold.

enact, pass, frame, establish, institute
He thinks that laws were made to be broken.

amount to, constitute, represent, add up to, total, come to
He knows how many beans make five. Three and two do not make four. One singer does not make an opera.

traverse, cover, do, travel, navigate
We cannot make more than 100 miles a day over this terrain.

deliver, present
Janet made a good speech.

reach, arrive at, attain, get (to), win, achieve, accomplish, come in, be placed, place
Fran might make first place in the marathon.

appoint, name, select, choose, elect, vote (in as), designate, authorize, commission, delegate, depute, deputize, assign, sanction, approve, affirm, certify, confirm
They made him their leader.

judge, think, calculate, estimate, reckon, gauge, suppose
What do you make of Sidney's new book? .

produce, cause, create, generate
The engine made a funny noise, then died.

fetch, realize, earn, return
The locket made $1000 at the auction.

score, earn, secure
The West Indies made 654 in their first innings.

bring about, occasion, cause, give rise to
The new regulation is going to make trouble for you.

prepare, fix, cook
I made what you like for dinner.

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