Other Words for Mass

Mass Noun Synonyms
dimension, size, magnitude, bulk, bigness, massiveness, enormousness, immensity
The very mass of the elephant made it a hard target to miss.

pile, heap, mountain, load, stack, mound, bunch, bundle, lot, batch, quantity, hoard, store, collection, accumulation, aggregation, agglomeration, congeries, assortment, miscellany, assemblage, conglomeration
There was a mass of boulders at the bottom of the cliff.

amass, pile or heap up, gather
Thunderclouds began to mass over the mountains.

aggregate, accumulate, collect, assemble, congregate, meet, get or come together, gather, forgather or foregather, throng, convene, flock together, rally, group, cluster, marshal, muster, mobilize
Thousands of people massed in front of the embassy. The massed bands made a tremendous noise.

block, concretion, chunk, lump, hunk, nugget
A mass of sludge was clogging the valve.

majority, best or better or greater part, bulk, body, preponderance, almost all, lion's share
The great mass of the votes was still uncounted.

Mass Verb Synonyms
abundance, quantity, profusion, volume, multitude, horde, host, mob, crowd, throng, drove(s), herd(s), swarm(s), legion(s), score(s), number(s), bunch(es), ton(s), mountain, piles, bags, barrels, oodles, lots, oceans, loads, scads, mess, slew(s)
A mass of bills awaited my return from a trip abroad. Masses of people greeted us at the airport.

More Words for Mass

Store / Pile / Abundance / Lump / Gather / Lot / Host / Group / Block / Stack / Meet

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