Other Words for Member

Member Verb Synonyms
colleague, associate, fellow
I am going to propose Fred as a member of the club.

More Words for Member


Member Bank

Business / Finance / Member Bank: A national- or state-chartered bank that is a member of the Federal Reserve System. MORE

Member Firm

Business / Finance / Member Firm: Used for listed equity securities. Brokerage firm that has at least one membership on a major stock exchange even though, by exchange rules, the membership is in the name of an employee and not the fi MORE

Stressed Member

Technology / Motorcycle / Stressed Member: A component that is an integral part of the whole structure. A common motorcycle use of this term is when an engine is a stressed member of its frame. MORE

Member Services

Health / Health Insurance / Member Services: The department responsible for helping members with any problems, handling member grievances and complaints, tracking and reporting patterns of problems encountered, and enhancing the relationship bet MORE

Club-Trust Membership

Life Style / Time Shares / Club-Trust Membership: Becoming more popular, this system of timeshare ownership is most common in the UK. Members of a club have the privilege of using a resort's facilities year-round. Their right-to-use agreement is lice MORE

Member Short Sale Ratio

Business / Finance / Member Short Sale Ratio: The total shares sold short by NYSE members divided by total short sales, which is used to analyze market expectations and bullish or bearish trends. MORE