Other Words for Military

Military Adjective Synonyms
martial, soldierly, naval, army, fighting, service
The military machine was poised to strike.

Military Noun Synonyms
(armed) services or forces, army, navy, air force, military establishment, soldiery
The military will oppose any reductions in spending for arms.

Military Ordinance Location

Business / Real Estate / Military Ordinance Location: Certain military bases contain live ammunition for various reasons. A seller of residential property located within one mile of such a hazard must give the buyer written notice as soon as practicable MORE

Military Press

Health / Fitness / Military Press: A weight training intended for the development of shoulder muscle. Lift the barbell to shoulder height and then lift overhead. It can be in standing or sitting position. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Squire: A knight-in-training, a young boy who has spent several years as a page to learn humility, patience, and the manners of polite society and who is now acting as the servant of a knight while he perfect MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Polis: The Greek city-state, a small, independent government consisting of a single town and its immediate environs. Some of these city-states were democracies in which every male citizen voted on every gove MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Knight: A military aristocrat in medieval Europe and England who swore service as a vassal to a liege lord in exchange for control over land. The term comes from the Old English word cniht, meaning young man MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Beot: (Anglo-Saxonvow, becomes Modern English 'boast'): A ritualized boast or vow made publicly by Anglo-Saxon warriors known as thegns before the hlaford in a mead-hall the night before a military engageme MORE