Other Words for Navel

Navel Adjective Synonyms: umbilicus, omphalos, belly button

Other Words for Navigable

Navigable Adjective Synonyms: passable, traversable, negotiable, unblocked, unobstructed, clear
Navigable Noun Synonyms: manoeuvrable, sailable, controllable, steerable, yare

Other Words for Navigate

Navigate Adjective Synonyms: sail, voyage, cruise, journey, cross, traverse

Other Words for Navigation

Navigation Verb Synonyms: pilotage, helmsmanship, seamanship, steersmanship, steering, sailing

Other Words for Navigator

Navigator Verb Synonyms: pilot, helmsman, seaman, tillerman, wheelman, steersman, skipper

Other Words for Navy

Navy Noun Synonyms: fleet, flotilla, naval force(s), armada, argosy

Other Words for Naysayer

Naysayer Noun Synonyms: denier, refuser, disdainer, rejecter or rejector, prophet of doom, pessimist, sceptic, dissenter, defeatist

Other Words for Near

Near Adverb Synonyms: close, imminent, immediate, impending, looming, coming, approaching, forthcoming, in the offing, at hand
Near Adjective Synonyms: stingy, mean, niggardly, miserly, parsimonious, penurious, cheap, penny-pinching, cheese-paring, selfish, close, tight-fisted, close-fisted
Near Noun Synonyms: close (by or at hand), not far (off or away), nearby, nigh, in or into the vicinity or neighborhood, within (easy) reach

Other Words for Near-Sighted

Near-Sighted Adverb Synonyms: myopic, short-sighted

Other Words for Nearby

Nearby Preposition Synonyms: close by, close at hand, not far-off or -away, in the vicinity or neighborhood, within (easy) reach, about, around
Nearby Verb Synonyms: close, within reach, handy, accessible, at or to hand, adjacent

Other Words for Nearly

Nearly Adjective Synonyms: closely, identically, exactly, precisely
Nearly Adverb Synonyms: almost, not quite, about, approximately, all but, just about, virtually, wellnigh, practically, as good as, more or less, around, approaching, nearing, barely, hardly, scarcely, close to

Other Words for Neat

Neat Adjective Synonyms: tidy, orderly, clean, uncluttered, trim, spruce, natty, fastidious, spick and span, shipshape (and Bristol fashion), organized, well-organized, well-ordered, systematic, trig, neat as a pin, dinky

Other Words for Neaten Up

Neaten Up Adjective Synonyms: tidy (up), straighten (up or out), clean (up), spruce up, (put in) order, trig

Other Words for Nebulous

Nebulous Adjective Synonyms: vague, hazy, clouded, unclear, obscure, indistinct, fuzzy, muddy, ill-defined, shapeless, amorphous, blurred, indeterminate, murky, opaque, turbid, dim, foggy, faint, pale

Other Words for Necessarily

Necessarily Verb Synonyms: inevitably, unavoidably, inescapably, axiomatically, inexorably, ineluctably, irresistibly, incontrovertibly, automatically, naturally, (as a matter) of course, as a result, certainly, surely, to be sure, like it or not, willy-nilly, perforce, of necessit

Other Words for Necessary

Necessary Adverb Synonyms: inevitable, unavoidable, inescapable, ineluctable
Necessary Adjective Synonyms: indispensable, essential, required, needed, compulsory, requisite, vital, demanded, imperative, obligatory, needful, of the essence, important, of the utmost importance, top-priority, high-priority, urgent, exigent, compelling, life-and-death or life-or-d

Other Words for Necessity

Necessity Adjective Synonyms: requirement, essential, necessary, requisite, need, prerequisite, basic, fundamental, sine qua non, desideratum, constraint
Necessity Noun Synonyms: poverty, want, indigence, need, destitution, penury, straits, difficulty, difficulties, pauperism, neediness

Other Words for Need

Need Verb Synonyms: essential, necessary, requisite, prerequisite, necessity, basic, fundamental, sine qua non, necessary, desideratum
Need Noun Synonyms: require, demand, want, be in want of, call for, have need of or for, lack, miss, have occasion for

Other Words for Needless

Needless Noun Synonyms: unnecessary, non-essential, unessential, unneeded, unwanted,eless, uncalled-for, gratuitous, superfluous, redundant, excess, excessive, tautological, dispensable, expendable, supererogatory, de trop, pleonastic

Other Words for Needless To Say

Needless To Say Noun Synonyms: naturally, (as a matter) of course, obviously, it goes without saying

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