Other Words for Navel

Navel Adjective Synonyms: umbilicus, omphalos, belly button

Other Words for Navigable

Navigable Noun Synonyms: manoeuvrable, sailable, controllable, steerable, yare
Navigable Adjective Synonyms: passable, traversable, negotiable, unblocked, unobstructed, clear

Other Words for Navigate

Navigate Adjective Synonyms: sail, voyage, cruise, journey, cross, traverse

Other Words for Navigation

Navigation Verb Synonyms: pilotage, helmsmanship, seamanship, steersmanship, steering, sailing

Other Words for Navigator

Navigator Verb Synonyms: pilot, helmsman, seaman, tillerman, wheelman, steersman, skipper

Other Words for Navy

Navy Noun Synonyms: fleet, flotilla, naval force(s), armada, argosy

Other Words for Naysayer

Naysayer Noun Synonyms: denier, refuser, disdainer, rejecter or rejector, prophet of doom, pessimist, sceptic, dissenter, defeatist

Other Words for Near

Near Noun Synonyms: close (by or at hand), not far (off or away), nearby, nigh, in or into the vicinity or neighborhood, within (easy) reach
Near Adverb Synonyms: close, imminent, immediate, impending, looming, coming, approaching, forthcoming, in the offing, at hand
Near Adjective Synonyms: stingy, mean, niggardly, miserly, parsimonious, penurious, cheap, penny-pinching, cheese-paring, selfish, close, tight-fisted, close-fisted

Other Words for Near-Sighted

Near-Sighted Adverb Synonyms: myopic, short-sighted

Other Words for Nearby

Nearby Preposition Synonyms: close by, close at hand, not far-off or -away, in the vicinity or neighborhood, within (easy) reach, about, around
Nearby Verb Synonyms: close, within reach, handy, accessible, at or to hand, adjacent

Other Words for Nearly

Nearly Adverb Synonyms: almost, not quite, about, approximately, all but, just about, virtually, wellnigh, practically, as good as, more or less, around, approaching, nearing, barely, hardly, scarcely, close to
Nearly Adjective Synonyms: closely, identically, exactly, precisely

Other Words for Neat

Neat Adjective Synonyms: tidy, orderly, clean, uncluttered, trim, spruce, natty, fastidious, spick and span, shipshape (and Bristol fashion), organized, well-organized, well-ordered, systematic, trig, neat as a pin, dinky

Other Words for Neaten Up

Neaten Up Adjective Synonyms: tidy (up), straighten (up or out), clean (up), spruce up, (put in) order, trig

Other Words for Nebulous

Nebulous Adjective Synonyms: vague, hazy, clouded, unclear, obscure, indistinct, fuzzy, muddy, ill-defined, shapeless, amorphous, blurred, indeterminate, murky, opaque, turbid, dim, foggy, faint, pale

Other Words for Necessarily

Necessarily Verb Synonyms: inevitably, unavoidably, inescapably, axiomatically, inexorably, ineluctably, irresistibly, incontrovertibly, automatically, naturally, (as a matter) of course, as a result, certainly, surely, to be sure, like it or not, willy-nilly, perforce, of necessit

Other Words for Necessary

Necessary Adjective Synonyms: indispensable, essential, required, needed, compulsory, requisite, vital, demanded, imperative, obligatory, needful, of the essence, important, of the utmost importance, top-priority, high-priority, urgent, exigent, compelling, life-and-death or life-or-d
Necessary Adverb Synonyms: inevitable, unavoidable, inescapable, ineluctable

Other Words for Necessity

Necessity Adjective Synonyms: requirement, essential, necessary, requisite, need, prerequisite, basic, fundamental, sine qua non, desideratum, constraint
Necessity Noun Synonyms: poverty, want, indigence, need, destitution, penury, straits, difficulty, difficulties, pauperism, neediness

Other Words for Need

Need Verb Synonyms: essential, necessary, requisite, prerequisite, necessity, basic, fundamental, sine qua non, necessary, desideratum
Need Noun Synonyms: require, demand, want, be in want of, call for, have need of or for, lack, miss, have occasion for

Other Words for Needless

Needless Noun Synonyms: unnecessary, non-essential, unessential, unneeded, unwanted,eless, uncalled-for, gratuitous, superfluous, redundant, excess, excessive, tautological, dispensable, expendable, supererogatory, de trop, pleonastic

Other Words for Needless To Say

Needless To Say Noun Synonyms: naturally, (as a matter) of course, obviously, it goes without saying

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