Other Words for Neuter

Neuter Verb Synonyms: asexual, sexless, epicene
Neuter Adjective Synonyms: desex or desexualize, doctor, castrate, emasculate, geld, capon or caponize, eunuchize, spay, ovariectomize, oophorectomize, fix, cut, alter

Other Words for Neutral

Neutral Adjective Synonyms: non-belligerent, non-combatant, unaligned, non-aligned, unaffiliated, uninvolved, unallied, non-allied, non-partisan, impartial, disinterested, indifferent, dispassionate, unbiased, uncommitted, noncommittal, aloof, withdrawn, detached, remote, removed
Neutral Verb Synonyms: dull, drab, colourless, achromatic, toneless, indeterminate, washed out, pale, indefinite, indistinct, indistinguishable, indeterminate, vague, drab, beige, ecru

Other Words for Neutralize

Neutralize Adjective Synonyms: void, annul, cancel (out), nullify, invalidate, negate, delete, undo, make or render ineffective, counterbalance, counteract, offset, equalize, even, square, compensate for, make up for

Other Words for Never

Never Adjective Synonyms: at no time, not ever, not at any time, on no occasion, under no circumstances or condition(s), on no account, not at all, not in a million years, not till hell freezes over

Other Words for Never Mind

Never Mind Verb Synonyms: ignore, disregard, forget, pay no attention to, do not think twice about, do not give a second thought to, erase or obliterate or cancel from the mind, slough off

Other Words for Nevertheless

Nevertheless Verb Synonyms: still, notwithstanding, yet, in spite of that, despite that, nonetheless, regardless, be that as it may, for all that, even so, but, however, just or all the same, everything considered, at any rate, anyway, in any case, in any event, at all events

Other Words for New

New Adverb Synonyms: novel, original, unique, unusual, different, fresh, creative, imaginative, brand-new
New Adjective Synonyms: fresh, further, additional, supplemental, supplementary

Other Words for Newcomer

Newcomer Adjective Synonyms: alien, immigrant, foreigner, outlander, stranger, settler, colonist, outsider

Other Words for News

News Noun Synonyms: tidings, word, information, advice, intelligence, rumour, talk, gossip, hearsay, dirt, scandal, expos‚, info, low-down, scoop, scuttlebutt, dope

Other Words for Nice

Nice Noun Synonyms: pleasant, agreeable, amiable, amicable, friendly, cordial, warm, gracious, warm-hearted, kind, kindly, outgoing, charming, genial, delightful, courteous, polite, refined, gentlemanly, ladylike, winsome, likeable, attractive
Nice Adjective Synonyms: good, fine, superb, superior, attentive, sharp, acute, keen, careful, exact, exacting, rigorous, precise, accurate, unerring, scrupulous, meticulous, punctilious, discriminating, discriminative, perceptive, delicate, fastidious, flawless, faultless

Other Words for Niche

Niche Adjective Synonyms: recess, hollow, alcove, nook

Other Words for Nick

Nick Noun Synonyms: cut, notch, chip, gouge, gash, scratch, dent, indentation, flaw, mark, blemish, defect

Other Words for Nick Off

Nick Off Noun Synonyms: depart, go or run off or away, take off, take to one's heels, show a clean pair of heels, beat a (hasty) retreat, scarper, make tracks, beat it

Other Words for Nickname

Nickname Verb Synonyms: pet name, sobriquet, epithet, agnomen, moniker or monicker, handle

Other Words for Nifty

Nifty Adjective Synonyms: excellent, neat, great, splendid, fine, clever, skilful, apt, suitable
Nifty Noun Synonyms: smart, stylish, modish, chic, spruce

Other Words for Niggle

Niggle Adjective Synonyms: find fault, nag, carp, fuss, cavil, criticize, complain, grouse, bitch, kvetch

Other Words for Niggling

Niggling Adjective Synonyms: irritating, worrying, worrisome, irksome, vexing, vexatious, annoying, troublesome
Niggling Verb Synonyms: petty, nugatory, trifling, trivial, fussy, insignificant, unimportant, inconsequential, frivolous, piddling, nit-picking, picayune

Other Words for Night

Night Adjective Synonyms: (Stygian or Cimmerian) dark or darkness or blackness or gloom, night-time, shades of night, tenebrosity or tenebrousness or tenebriousness

Other Words for Night And Day

Night And Day Noun Synonyms: all the time, continually, incessantly, unceasingly, continuously, unendingly, endlessly, round-the-clock, ceaselessly, non-stop

Other Words for Nightly

Nightly Noun Synonyms: every night, each night, each and every night, night after night
Nightly Adjective Synonyms: every night, each night, nights, after dark, after sunset, nocturnally

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