Other Words for Nightmarish

Nightmarish Adjective Synonyms: frightening, terrifying, alarming, horrific, horrible, dreadful, awful, ghastly, dismaying, agonizing, worrisome, exasperating, frustrating, Kafkaesque, creepy, scary

Other Words for Nil

Nil Adverb Synonyms: nothing, zero, nought or naught, aught or ought, Tennis, table tennis, love, Cricket duck, goose-egg, zip

Other Words for Nimble

Nimble Adjective Synonyms: agile, lively, active, light, lithe, limber, spry, sprightly, brisk, smart, energetic, rapid, quick, swift, adroit, deft, dexterous, nimble-fingered, nimble-footed
Nimble Noun Synonyms: agile, alert, acute, nimble-witted, quick-witted, ready-witted, intelligent, keen, sharp, smart, brilliant, sparkling, scintillating, coruscating

Other Words for Nip

Nip Verb Synonyms: bite, nibble, morsel, pinch, snip
Nip Adjective Synonyms: bite, nibble, pinch, snip, clip, cut, snap, tweak, twitch, trim, lop, crop, shear, grip, squeeze
Nip Noun Synonyms: taste, drop, sip, portion, swallow, gulp, mouthful, finger, peg, tot, draught, dram, draft, snort, shot

Other Words for Nip In The Bud

Nip In The Bud Adjective Synonyms: stop, arrest, check, thwart, frustrate, stymie, forestall, quash, squelch, suppress, extinguish, put down

Other Words for No Mean Trick

No Mean Trick Noun Synonyms: feat, accomplishment, deed

Other Words for No Picnic

No Picnic Noun Synonyms: difficult, arduous, torture, torturous, agony, agonizing, painful, disagreeable, discomfiting, misfortune, tough, tough luck, tough going, rough, a pain in the neck, tough sledding, pain in the ass

Other Words for No Slouch

No Slouch Noun Synonyms: sloven, loafer, sluggard, laggard, loafer, idler, malingerer, lazybones

Other Words for No-Nonsense

No-Nonsense Adjective Synonyms: serious, unfrivolous, businesslike, practical, non-trivial, untrivial

Other Words for Nobility

Nobility Noun Synonyms: nobleness, dignity, grandeur, illustriousness, greatness, glory, influence, authority, leadership, distinction, probity, integrity, excellence, goodness, character, rectitude, righteousness, ethics, honesty, honourableness, decency, justness

Other Words for Noble

Noble Noun Synonyms: nobleman, noblewoman, aristocrat, patrician, lord, lady, peer, gentleman, gentlewoman, blue blood
Noble Adjective Synonyms: upright, righteous, honourable, honest, virtuous, incorruptible, chivalrous, staunch, steadfast, true, loyal, faithful, trustworthy, true, principled, moral, good, decent, self-sacrificing, magnanimous, generous

Other Words for Nobody

Nobody Adjective Synonyms: no one, not anyone, no person

Other Words for Nod

Nod Noun Synonyms: say yes, consent, assent, agree, concur, acquiesce
Nod Pronoun Synonyms: greet, acknowledge, recognize
Nod Verb Synonyms: doze (off), nap, drowse, drop off, fall asleep

Other Words for Nodding

Nodding Noun Synonyms: casual, slight, superficial, distant, incomplete

Other Words for Noise

Noise Adjective Synonyms: sound, disturbance
Noise Noun Synonyms: sound, clamour, crash, clap, clash, clangour, din, thunder, thundering, rumble, rumbling, outcry, hubbub, uproar, hullabaloo, racket, charivari or and also shivaree, rattle, caterwauling, rumpus, blare, blast, blasting, bawling, babel

Other Words for Noise Around

Noise Around Noun Synonyms: circulate, spread, rumour, bruit (about)

Other Words for Noiseless

Noiseless Noun Synonyms: muted, quiet, soft, hushed, muffled, deadened, dampened, damped, silent, mute, still, inaudible, soundless

Other Words for Noisy

Noisy Verb Synonyms: loud, deafening, ear-splitting, jarring, grating, harsh, piercing, shrill, discordant, unmusical, dissonant, cacophonous or cacophonic, resounding, clarion, clamorous, clangorous, thunderous, uproarious, blaring, blasting, obstreperous, vociferous

Other Words for Nominal

Nominal Adjective Synonyms: titular, in name only, formal, pretended, so-called, self-styled, soi-disant, professed, purported, supposed, would-be, representational, represented, supposititious, proposed, propositional, puppet

Other Words for Nominate

Nominate Adjective Synonyms: choose, select, name, appoint, designate, suggest, offer, submit, recommend, propose, present, put up or forward, forward, put forth

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