Other Words for Noticeable

Noticeable Noun Synonyms: discernible, perceivable, observable, perceptible, recognizable, distinguishable, visible, palpable, manifest, distinct, evident, clear, clear-cut, conspicuous, obvious, patent, unmistakable or unmistakeable, undisguised, unconcealed

Other Words for Notify

Notify Adjective Synonyms: inform, tell, advise, alert, apprise, warn

Other Words for Notion

Notion Verb Synonyms: idea, thought, concept, conception, image, impression, general idea, (mental) picture, inkling

Other Words for Notoriety

Notoriety Noun Synonyms: notoriousness, disrepute, dishonour, disgrace, infamy, shame, discredit, scandal, stain, blot, obloquy, ignominy, opprobrium

Other Words for Notorious

Notorious Noun Synonyms: disreputable, dishonorable, disgraceful, infamous, shameful, shaming, embarrassing, discreditable, scandalous, naughty, flagrant, ignominious, opprobrious

Other Words for Notwithstanding

Notwithstanding Adverb Synonyms: although, though, even though, despite the fact that
Notwithstanding Adjective Synonyms: nevertheless, nonetheless, despite that, in spite of that, yet, anyway

Other Words for Nourish

Nourish Conjunction Synonyms: foster, cherish, nurse, maintain, harbor, keep, nurture, sustain
Nourish Preposition Synonyms: feed, sustain, support, maintain, keep, provide for, care for, take care of, look after, nurture, nurse
Nourish Verb Synonyms: strengthen, fortify, encourage, promote, stimulate, cultivate, help, advance, aid

Other Words for Nourishment

Nourishment Verb Synonyms: food, sustenance, nutriment, nutrition, victuals

Other Words for Novel

Novel Verb Synonyms: new, unusual, unfamiliar, unconventional, fresh, different, original, creative, untested, untried
Novel Noun Synonyms: story, tale, narrative, romance, novella, novelette, best-seller, blockbuster

Other Words for Novelty

Novelty Adjective Synonyms: originality, newness, uniqueness, freshness, innovativeness
Novelty Noun Synonyms: gimmick, gimcrack, trifle, gewgaw, bauble, knick-knack, toy, trinket, ornament, plaything, Brummagem, kickshaw

Other Words for Novice

Novice Noun Synonyms: beginner, neophyte, newcomer, proselyte, tiro or tyro, noviciate or novitiate, learner, amateur, initiate, apprentice, trainee, probationer, fledgling or also fledgeling, freshman, greenhorn, rookie

Other Words for Now

Now Noun Synonyms: at present, just now, right now, at the present time or moment, at this (very) moment or minute or second or instant
Now Adverb Synonyms: at once, immediately, right away, without delay, instantly, promptly, law instanter, straight away

Other Words for Nub

Nub Adverb Synonyms: projection, protuberance, knob, boss, lump, bump, knop, protrusion, bulge, node, knot, excrescence, swelling, tumescence
Nub Adjective Synonyms: essence, core, heart, nucleus, crux, point, gist, pith, kernel, nucleus, meat, (sum and) substance, main issue, gravamen

Other Words for Nuclear

Nuclear Noun Synonyms: atomic

Other Words for Nucleus

Nucleus Noun Synonyms: core, heart, centre, kernel, pith, focus, nub

Other Words for Nude

Nude Adjective Synonyms: unclothed, undressed, uncovered, au naturel, bare, naked, in the nude, stark naked, undraped, without a stitch (on), in the buff, in the altogether, in one's birthday suit, starkers, in the nuddy

Other Words for Nudge

Nudge Noun Synonyms: jog, poke, elbow, jab, dig, bump, prompt, shove, prod, push, encourage
Nudge Adjective Synonyms: jog, poke, elbow, jab, dig, bump, shove, prod, push, encouragement

Other Words for Nuisance

Nuisance Noun Synonyms: bore, pest, nag, tease, tormentor or tormenter
Nuisance Verb Synonyms: annoyance, inconvenience, trial, ordeal, burden, irritation, irritant, thorn in the flesh or side, difficulty, bother, bur under the saddle, pain (in the neck or rear), headache, hassle, pain in the butt

Other Words for Numb

Numb Noun Synonyms: numbed, benumbed, insensible, insensate, dead, deadened, without feeling, sensationless, senseless, asleep

Other Words for Number

Number Adjective Synonyms: numeral, integer, figure, digit
Number Noun Synonyms: issue, edition, copy
Number Verb Synonyms: few, handful, crowd, slew, gang, bunch, party, bevy, covey, troop, company, platoon, swarm, horde, multitude, mob, host, army, mass, hundred, thousand, million, billion, several, many, numbers, legions, slew(s) or slue(s), loads

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