Other Words for Nail Down

Nail Down Verb Synonyms
settle, secure, resolve, complete, conclude, make final, finalize
Let's celebrate: I nailed down the order for 10,000 air-conditioning units.

Mow Em Down

Entertainment / Baseball / Mow Em Down: Refers to a pitcher who strikes out a series of hitters in a row. MORE

Nail Down

Entertainment / Baseball / Nail Down: As in "nail down a victory.’ Refers to a relief pitcher finishing off the game. MORE

Marking Up Or Down

Business / Finance / Marking Up Or Down: The amount by which a securities dealer raises or lowers the price of a stock or bond due to changes in demand and supply. MORE


Business / Finance / Markdown: The amount subtracted from the selling price of securities when they are sold to a dealer in the OTC market. Also, the discounted price of municipal bonds after the market has shown little interest in MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Knockdown: (also 'knockdown shot, punch, punch shot, half shot') a shot played with less than a full swing, mainly to control distance, trajectory and spin MORE

Limit Up, Limit Down

Business / Finance / Limit Up, Limit Down: The maximum price change allowed for a commodity futures contract per trading day. MORE