Other Words for Nail Ones Nails

Nail Ones Nails Noun Synonyms
worry, agonize, fret, lose sleep (over), chafe, suffer, stew (over or about)
Carl is biting his nails over the result of his cholesterol test.


Health / First Aid / Nailbed: The tissue under the nail: pinching the nail and observing the blood return to the nailbed is a good test of circulation at that location MORE

Nailhead Rusting

Life Style / Painting / Nailhead Rusting: Rust from iron nails that penetrates or bleeds through the coating and stains the surrounding areas. MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Oilstones: Molded abrasives in various shapes used to hand-sharpen cutting tools. MORE


Science / Biology / Pheromones: Chemical signals that travel between organisms rather than between cells within an organism; serve as a form of communication between animals. MORE

Nail Inspection

Business / Construction / Nail Inspection: An inspection made by a municipal building inspector after the drywall material is hung with nails and screws (and before taping). MORE

Nail Down

Entertainment / Baseball / Nail Down: As in "nail down a victory.’ Refers to a relief pitcher finishing off the game. MORE