Other Words for Naked

Naked Adjective Synonyms
stark naked, unclothed, undraped, bare, exposed, stripped, undressed, unclad, uncovered, bared, nude, in the nude, in the altogether, in one's birthday suit, in the buff, in the raw, au naturel, in a state of nature, starkers, in the nuddy
The two of them stood there, completely naked.

unsheathed, unprotected, bare, exposed
How dare he show a naked sword in the presence of the Emperor?.

plain, unadorned, unembellished, stark, overt, patent, obvious, conspicuous, manifest, sheer, undisguised, unvarnished, unmitigated, evident, palpable, unconcealed, in plain sight or view, blatant, barefaced, undeniable, glaring, flagrant, unmistakable
He told her the naked truth about how he felt.

Naked Noun Synonyms
unaided, unassisted
Stars of the seventh magnitude or brighter are visible to the naked eye.

More Words for Naked

Patent / Nude / Bare

Naked Bike

Technology / Motorcycle / Naked Bike: A Naked Bike is a machine with little or no wind-deflection and an exposed chassis. The Ducati Monster comes to mind. MORE

Naked Option Strategies

Business / Finance / Naked Option Strategies: An unhedged strategy making exclusive use of one of the following: Short call strategy (selling or writing call options), and short put strategy (selling or writing put options). By themselves, these MORE

Naked Option

Business / Taxes / Naked Option: When you write, or sell, a call option but don't own the underlying instrument, such as a stock in the case of an equity option, the option is described as naked. Similarly, you write a naked put if y MORE

Naked Strategies

Business / Finance / Naked Strategies: Writing an option without owning the underlying asset. Holder is naked because holder may have agreed to sell something not owned. MORE

Naked Bikes

Technology / Motorcycle / Naked Bikes: Sport or standard motorcycles with minimum bodywork, fairings or windshields. This is a motorbike in its most basic form. The emphasis is on functionality and ergonomics rather than aerodynamic body p MORE

Naked Title

Business / Real Estate / Naked Title: Bare title to the property, lacking the usual rights and privileges of ownership. A trustee in a deed of trust securing instrument may hold the title to a secured property, but only such title as is n MORE