Other Words for Name Names

Name Names Noun Synonyms
identify, specify, mention, cite
In exchange for a lighter sentence, the witness agreed to name names.

More Words for Name Names



Life Style / Christmas / Ornament: An object that adds beauty to something; a decoration MORE


Entertainment / Music / Ornaments: Tones used to embellish the principal melodic tone. MORE

Nth Name

Technology / Email / Nth Name: The act of segmenting a list for a test in which names are pulled from the main list for the test cell by number -- such as every 5th name on the list. See also a/b split. MORE

Not A Name With Us

Business / Finance / Not A Name With Us: Refers to over-the-counter trading. Not a registered market maker in the security, especially in OTC and convertibles, or having nothing real to do. MORE


Technology / Motors / Nameplate: The plate on the outside of the motor describing the motor, HP, voltage, RPM's, efficiency, design, enclosure, etc. MORE

Nominee Name

Business / Taxes / Nominee Name: Nominee name is the name that a brokerage firm uses to register ownership of stocks or bonds it holds for investors. Holding stock in a single generic name, sometimes known as street name, makes it ea MORE