Other Words for Narcotic

Narcotic Noun Synonyms
drug, soporific, stuporific, hypnotic, sedative, opiate, anaesthetic, stupefacient, tranquillizer
Many doctors are reluctant to prescribe narcotics.

soporific, stuporific, hypnotic, sedative, somnolent, sleep-inducing, opiate, dulling, numbing, anaesthetic, stupefacient, stupefying, stupefactive, tranquillizing
Most narcotic drugs may be sold only with a doctor's prescription.

Substance Abuse

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Substance Abuse: Defined as a destructive pattern of substance (i.e., narcotics or alcohol) use leading to clinically significant social, occupational or medical impairment. MORE


Health / Acupuncture / Opioid: 1. A synthetic narcotic that resembles the naturally occurring opiates. 2. Any substance that binds to or otherwise affects the opiate receptors on the surface of the cell. MORE