Other Words for Narrate

Narrate Adjective Synonyms
relate, tell, recount, report, give an account (of), recite, rehearse, repeat, review, unfold, chronicle, describe, detail, reveal, retail
She narrated a bone-chilling story of intrigue and murder. Please narrate the events leading up to your finding the body, Mrs. Easton.

More Words for Narrate

Relate / Review / Report / Tell


Technology / Television (TV) / Stand-Up: The feature of a television news package, in which the reporter stands before a site significant to the story to narrate it. MORE

Picaresque Novel

Entertainment / Literature / Picaresque Novel: A humorous novel in which the plot consists of a young knave's misadventures and escapades narrated in comic or satiric scenes. This roguish protagonist--called a picaro--makes his (or sometimes her) MORE

Decorated Initial

Entertainment / Literature / Decorated Initial: In medieval manuscripts, this term refers to an introductory letter of a text division, embellished with some type of abstract design, i.e., a design not necessarily containing a picture (which would MORE